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  1. Jeepin

    Talk me out of buying a Monaro

    Well I went and looked at a 2004 Pontiac GTO today (rebaged, left hand drive Monaro). Its got the 5.7L LS1, all options except the auto, and just over 52,000 miles . I took it for a test drive and it was SWEET!:D got back to the dealer and he said it could be mine for $14.5K. Now I know the gas...
  2. Jeepin

    Any one into cryptozoology?

    What the hell is this? it was said it washed ashore in Montauk, Long Island. I'm at a loss to what it is, anyone know? original Thread
  3. Jeepin

    Jesse Jackson wants to cut Obamas nuts off!!

    I haven't seen this posted here yet zS883xWTKOg *cliffnotes Jesse Jackson was going to appear on fox news and while waiting he was talking to a fellow guest and was unaware his microphone was on.:lol: serves him right
  4. Jeepin

    Ghosts- are they real?

    So theres been alot tv shows on lately dealing with ghost, aparitions,spirits or whatever you want to call them. And I have to say theres alot of stuff that goes on that cant really be explained. so the question I post to you. Ghosts - Real or not? Discuss.
  5. Jeepin

    My money pit

    Hey Y'all. now some of you may not like it or even understand it But I put 6 years of blood,sweat, and alot of $ into this thing. I hope you understand the love that goes into any vehicle someone builds. now to the spec sheet: 89 Jeep Wrangler body and frame (whats left of it) 6.0L chevy...
  6. Jeepin

    Baja 500 In-car video This is our fearless forum leader from, Lance, navagating for Pistol Pete's #2 Trophy truck. They're race was ended early unfortunatly, ending up on boulder trying to chase down Robby Gordon about 200 miles in. Crash doesn't look too bad...
  7. Jeepin

    Man "Loves" his Volkswagen

    This may be in the wrong place. feel free to move if necessary. From link: I have sex with my car! Monday 19 May 2008 Like many men, Jordan Witham is obsessed with his car. But while most boy...