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  1. Hive

    Five things in a box

    You and I, we've never met before, but next week we will be meeting in person for the very first time... but before we meet, you send me a box. With only five things in it. These five things tell me everything about you. The box is as big as you like, from a small shoebox right up to one the...
  2. Hive

    the worst smells, in your opinion?

    1. Old Trash (mixed trash) When it's soggy, mixed trash that's been sitting in the can/bin for days, it produces a rank odor so potent you can barely breathe.. 2. B.O. (body odor from your arm pits) This smell clings to EVERYTHING it comes in contact with. Nothing is worse than this smell, in...
  3. Hive

    Top Gear Caption Game!

    Add text to the pic! (Hopefully we can have a thread after a new episode airs) ;) --- [16x6]
  4. Hive

    Subtitles in [16x6] ?

    For some reason there are English hardsubs, which I can't seem to turn off. :| Any explanation for this? And, thanks!
  5. Hive

    Blu-ray Disc Collections and Wish-Lists

    = released on Blu-ray Disc = unreleased on Blu-ray Disc MOVIES Cantonese (English Subtitled): My Lucky Stars [1985 ? 1080p] Drunken Master II [1994 ? 1080p] The Chinese Feast [1995 ? 1080p] Lost and Found [1996 ? 1080p] Expect the Unexpected [1998 ? 1080p] Prince Charming [1999 ...