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  1. polonyk

    Car Dash Camera's / Black box camera's

    Thanks for clearing that up. I actually only wanted to know if it turns off on power off. If i get one, I am planning to ditch the battery and put the supercap I already have. So this works for me. About the plates, I explained it wrong. 10m is maximum in perfect conditions is what i meant to...
  2. polonyk

    Car Dash Camera's / Black box camera's

    Since I use only 720p and 20fps this looks pretty damn good to me. Sometimes I can't even read european number plates if the car is ~10m away. I have a question for you My not-a-real DVR started crapping itself and I was looking for a replacement and I stopped at the classics - G1W or Mini...
  3. polonyk

    Help me find the episode

    S09E02 ~16:30 mark
  4. polonyk

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]
  5. polonyk

    Does Andy Wilman have a Twitter account?

    Sniff Petrol is Richard Porter, he's a script editor.
  6. polonyk

    [01x01] November 18th, 2016

    I doubt he was there for anything else than this gag. The gist is: The Porsche is the easiest to drive, mostly neutral. Very good drive train, you only need a couple of laps to get used to it. The Ferrari is a magnificent car. A neutral balance. Between all 3, the Ferrari is the best...
  7. polonyk

    [01x01] November 18th, 2016

    I loved the opening sequence. I liked the soundtrack (dunno if it fit in the opening sequence's script and the live band, or just a nice song). I didn't like the track. I didn't care for the racing driver('s comments). I don't like the digital scoreboard, it just reminds me of the Fifth Gear's...
  8. polonyk

    One show

    This must be it. People in the comments didn't really like it. Just the interview with Richard and James (in the full version there are a couple of short trailers/spoilers though)
  9. polonyk

    Lingotto episode? Or wrong show?

    Fifth Gear did that
  10. polonyk

    Guess Who's Returning to QI?
  11. polonyk

    Top Gear France Saison 3

    Holy shit! I didn't have time to watch the 2nd season and they already came with the 3rd one. Bloody awesome!
  12. polonyk

    Assembly line videos

    Found this channel Lots of production/assembly videos in this playlist. Hundreds of them!!
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    Take us for a drive in your country

    Here's a time lapse of the drive from Bucharest to Chisinau (a trip across two countries - Romania and/to Moldova) The real thing was about 7h, so this is about x24 speed.
  14. polonyk

    The Grand Tour: Launch Date

    They only have to introduce some videos and talk some bullshit in the tent, how is that a problem in your mind? When they were doing Top Gear they filmed the studio bits on Wednesday and aired the episode on Sunday. They have part of the old crew, they know how it worked before - these things...
  15. polonyk

    The Grand Tour: Launch Date
  16. polonyk

    The "Questions for Spectre" thread

    That's what I thought too. I replaced the fluid - nothing changed. So, it was to be gearbox off. And there it was - the input shaft seal leaks. Worse - it had sealant at the base. And I brought those fuckers all new parts, I have no clue why they did this shit. The clutch was brand new, even...
  17. polonyk

    The "Questions for Spectre" thread

    Only when I have to drive the car immediately after I start it up (when it's in open loop) and only when shifting from 1st to 2 because 1st is very short and if I don't it it just bogs down.
  18. polonyk

    The "Questions for Spectre" thread

    Nope, 5th is top gear. I noticed it slips in 4th because I tried to overtake someone and changed from 5th to 4th and it started slipping. So I put it back in 5th and drove calmly the rest of the trip. I think it slips in 3rd too. It definitely doesn't slip in 1st and 2nd. It's related to...
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    Best of eBay and Craigslist via
  20. polonyk

    The "Questions for Spectre" thread

    I have a similar question It's a french car, I don't expect you to be familiar with, so it's mostly a generic technical question. Manual transmission, hydraulic clutch. Last year I did a major transmission overhaul (clutch kit + gearbox primary shaft bearings front and rear + seals + oil)...