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  1. Maeday


    I'd say it's a fair assumption that a lot of us non-UK posters are Anglophiles. I myself have wracked my brain trying to figure out how to frickin' live there. Anyways, what do you all like about that fair isle? Wales and Scotland are included. Don't give me crap about "Scotland isn't...
  2. Maeday

    Living life to the fullest, what would YOU do?

    I don't have a problem per se, as I know that I am in a lucky position, but I have a choice to make where I could use some feedback. I have worked a year in the hotel industry as a sales manager. I was laid off a few months ago, and have now gotten an offer from a very nice property working...
  3. Maeday

    The English Countryside

    Hey all, I am considering a trek through the English countryside, preferably the West and into Wales, and then off to Scotland or Ireland. The trip would be two to three weeks. I'm on a tight budget, $1,500 for everything but the plane ticket. Is there a feasible way to travel these...
  4. Maeday

    Best-looking TG car "sequences"

    Hey all, my first thread! Hope all goes well....:mrgreen: I was trying to find a compilation on YouTube but no dice so I wanted the opinion of YOU! What are the best-looking car review "sequences"? Such as the Tron-inspired review we had recently, or the Bentley review with the rain and the...