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  1. WellsieTRD

    Ownership Verified: WellsieTRD's 07 Subaru Liberty GT Spec B

    So in January this year, I finaly decided it was time to put my old Surf out to pasture. And here's what I replaced it with. 2007 Subaru Liberty GT Spec B 6spd manual. Got little bit lucky with this one as these things are a bit hard to come by and usually have fairly high k's, high being over...
  2. WellsieTRD

    My 1989 LN130 Hilux Surf

    Well, heres my new toy. Its a 1989 Hilux Surf 2 Door Diesel with 240569Kms. It has a 2.4L 2L-T turbo diesel, 5 speed manual, PIAA spotlights and 31x10 A/T tyres.
  3. WellsieTRD

    Anyone seen this?

    Got sent this by one of my workmates
  4. WellsieTRD

    Honda Civic Type R is here in Aus

    Not sure if anyone else here knows or has mentioned this, but this afternoon while i was on a roadtest, i spotted this in the Pre-delivery Yard behind my workshop. Quality is a bit crappy due to my cameraphone, but it is indeed a Civic Type R. I had no idea Honda were even concidering this...