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  1. Jacobfox

    New Degree, New Job...New Car? Jake's MKVI GTI

    After much procrastinating (I'm moving, starting a job, being lazy...get off my back you damn kids), I finally have some pictures to post of my new car. It's a 2011 VW GTI 4-door in Carbon Steel Grey Metallic. I ended up getting the car with the 6-speed DSG box, as I have a highway commute twice...
  2. Jacobfox

    Pick a new car for my mom

    My parents have decided that the S6 is a bit too much car for my mom and that it doesn't really make sense for her to drive a car that gets like 12 mpg when she's just driving it to work. SO it's new car time. The criteria she's looking for are: 1. It has to be more fuel efficient than the S6...
  3. Jacobfox

    Auto Express: New Ford Focus Family

    From Auto Express. And some pics. Dare I say it, but that 200hp diesel certainly sounds like a bit of a laugh.
  4. Jacobfox

    Iran Vows to enrich Uranium further

    From Yahoo and AP. Well, this isn't a huge surprise. However, considering the Russians have pretty much removed their support against UN sactions for Iran, it'll be interesting to see what happens.
  5. Jacobfox

    Rolls Royce Mini?

    From Pistonheads: Some images too: Really, guys? Another faux luxury supermini? First the stupid little Aston Cygnet runaround. Then the ferrari fiat 500. Now this? Please, Rolls Royce, do NOT put your badge on this. It's fine if it's a mini-centric endeavor but the instant they slap a...
  6. Jacobfox

    Porsche 911 Sport Classic

    Seeing that this managed to make it past the notice of the forums despite coming from Frankfurt 2009, I present to you the Porsche 911 Sport Classic. It's based on the Carrera S, but has flared arches, a slightly widened rear track, Fuchs-style wheels, a ducktail spoiler and a healthy 23 hp bump...
  7. Jacobfox

    More protests in Iran as protestors disrupt Anti-US holiday

    From the Associated Press via Yahoo News Well I think this is another interesting development. It looks like the Green movement's focusing on picketing major state-run events and trying to drum up support through the press. The next step for the government is to simply stop reporting on it...
  8. Jacobfox

    Neo-Nazi Shooter opens fire in National Holocaust Museum in DC, kills one.

    Full article can be found here: The sad thing is, while the museum isn't the "ultimate rebuke" to holocaust deniers, it might've made him think had he bothered to see the museum. Having been there, I'd say some of the exhibits are enough...
  9. Jacobfox

    Bugatti: What Recession?

    From Autoexpress: Not exactly what you'd call an original design. It reminds me of the Panamera and Rapide insofar as it's attempting to graft existing coupe-based design language onto a sedan. Why doesn't anyone take a page out of Maserati's playbook?
  10. Jacobfox

    Chrysler, UAW, CAW and Fiat reach 11th hour deal?

    From Yahoo News and the associated press: I hope this is true, if only because I really, really want to get a MiTo. Chrysler's current product line sucks for the most part and unless Fiat can fix it, they might be best served by gutting all of the useless crap models (avenger, sebring, aspen...
  11. Jacobfox

    New Audi Design Concept

    Students in the Munich University auto design program were asked to come up with a sporty, yet ecologically reasonable car easily recognizeable as an audi. No, they didn't come up with the A2 again... This is the result of their efforts: Thoughts? I like it a lot, actually. Kinda reminds me of...
  12. Jacobfox

    Fiat Bringing Seven Models to US

    From DailyTech: I'm pretty happy that Fiat's bringing the 500 to the states. While it's certainly going to become a hairdresser car, the Abarth version will be a heck of a drive.
  13. Jacobfox

    Chicago Area Meetup at Chicago Intl. Auto Show

    Hey Chicago Members, We should do what we couldn't manage last year and have a meetup at the 2009 Chicago Intl. Auto Show. It's from february 13-22nd. Any preferences on dates?
  14. Jacobfox

    Looking to get my own set of wheels

    So as you guys know, I've been living in Chicago recently. I'd really never had the pleasure of driving around in the city, and so I kinda got used to the harangue of having to take the CTA everywhere. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, it just makes it a bit more of a hassle to go...
  15. Jacobfox

    Jake's culinary adventures (good food and better booze)

    I'm no professional, nor am I a rib-making champ like The_Finn or Punisher Bass, but I'd consider myself a decent cook. I can do a nice gazpacho or panini, I can make pretty much any Indian food (including some chaats), and I can grill a nice steak or burger. This thread, however, isn't just my...
  16. Jacobfox

    University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt 2008

    Okay, so I am participating in the world's largest scavenger hunt right now and I need help with some items. This is the list for this year: The items I need help with are: "A hematogen bar." (7 points) "Actually if you're keeping a Jaguar...
  17. Jacobfox

    Meetup at the Chicago Intl. Auto Show

    Alright members in the Chicago area. I'm going to the Chicago Auto show on Saturday of next week, Feb. 9th. Anyone who wants to meet up should drop me a PM or something. If enough people are interested, we can make it a proper meet.
  18. Jacobfox

    Popular Artists named in Signature Pharmacy probe This is one of the funniest things I've seen on the wires this year. Why the hell would artists take steroids?
  19. Jacobfox

    FIA wants F1 to be more green, my suggestions.

    Ok, well at the last F1 rulemaking session a couple of months back, the FIA announced that they would freeze engine development and implored the manufacturers to make their cars more green. I have an idea on how to do this, but make the racing more interesting at the same time. For starters...
  20. Jacobfox


    I know we have a beer thread, so I figured that we should have a thread for those of us who prefer liquor. This is open for recipes, suggestions, reviews of liquors, etc. As of late, I have been drinking primarily vodka and whiskey. My preferred vodkas are Grey Goose, Effen Black Cherry and...