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  1. shellygrrl

    Top Gear USA returns June 3! [2014]

    Just tweeted by Adam.
  2. shellygrrl

    Clarkson: Jeremy to appear on Countryfile

    Seriously. On Countryfile.!/jcrclarksonesq/status/197565236251856896!/jcrclarksonesq/status/197732235955281920 He also tweeted to someone that he didn't know when his episode would air.
  3. shellygrrl

    Rutledge on Jalopnik TV

  4. shellygrrl

    [18x04] February 19th, 2012

    The "Something for Everyone" episode, I suppose. A bit of arsing about with the mobility scooters + plenty of car stuff.
  5. shellygrrl

    BBC America premiering Season 3 next Monday

    Saw a preview for it today during the TG Top 40 marathon. More "lost episodes". :nod: Initial airings are in a 1hr 15min (with commercials) time slot. My guess is we'll be getting the ~52 minute BBC World edits.
  6. shellygrrl

    Clarkson: Jeremy's annual visit to Chris Moyles

    Jeremy was on Radio 1 yesterday morning (as you read this) for his Annual Visit to Chris Moyles. :) And there's video this time! And here's the full 3.5ish hours of show on iPlayer (interview starts at about the 2h 7m mark.)...
  7. shellygrrl

    Top Gear USA coming to the UK

    It'll be on BBC Three starting October 14, for anyone there who'd like to watch it legitmately. ;)
  8. shellygrrl

    S17 starts August 22 on BBC America

    I presume, like S15 and S16, it'll be mostly content-complete.
  9. shellygrrl

    Top Gear US at BBC Showcase

    And the US boys are there making their UK debut. :nod: That explains a couple tweets I saw from Rutledge and Adam recently.!/bbcwpress/status/42260014240509953
  10. shellygrrl

    Hammond: Richard's official website (For anyone with Facebook, there's also an official page there. Link is on the site.)
  11. shellygrrl

    Hammond: Richard's up for a Children's BAFTA again!,1452,BA.html Richard won last year in this category. The awards will be handed out on November 28.
  12. shellygrrl

    Hammond: Technology Yawn, also coming 2011, hosted by ye olde Hamster Also sounds interesting.
  13. shellygrrl

    Hammond: Naked Earth, coming 2011

    A co-prod with BBC and Discovery Channel. The focus is on geology.
  14. shellygrrl

    Hammond: Anyone fancy a three(ish)-year-old Aeromax...?

    Yep. Richard's selling it, too. Earlier this year, the Roadster was put up for sale.
  15. shellygrrl

    Hammond: Hammond and Moss; BBC Four, June 6 (9 pm)

    There'll be more press soon.
  16. shellygrrl

    Clarkson: Jeremy hosting HIGNFY on April 22! :clap:
  17. shellygrrl

    Clarkson: Jeremy's been remixed again!

    h/t suggsygirl for posting this on Twitter. Prepare thine selves for some 1980s!Jezza...
  18. shellygrrl

    Hammond: Invisible World

    It seems like this is in a similar vein to Engineering Connections, according to the press release. It'll be on BBC One sometime early in the new year.
  19. shellygrrl

    The boys in The Sun ~ "Top Gear on Top Gear"

    Saw this in the RSS feed today... The piece mentioned is not on the website, sadly. Anyone in Blighty want to pick one up and scan it in for the rest of us? (You can always use it for something else if you like later on.)
  20. shellygrrl

    James May: New interactive DVD by James coming out So that's the entire trio who'll have DVDs out in time for your Christmas shopping.