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  1. Jacobfox

    A stroll down memory lane

    Hahahahaha yes! Oh man, memories...
  2. Jacobfox

    Random Thoughts....

    Aaaaaaah, sweet sweet Finalgear...back after a long hiatus and damn, it feels good.
  3. Jacobfox

    how to make my 2011 camaro v6 faster

    In this thread: Want to make your camaro faster without putting a v8 in it? Simple. Racing stripes. Everyone knows that racing stripes add the equivalent of 10hp per stripe as a result of aerodynamic benefits. They increase the turbulence of the airflow over the car, dropping wind resistance...
  4. Jacobfox

    The FOOTball thread

    Fantasy league closes soon. 604562-158211 is the code. Sign up, folks.
  5. Jacobfox

    New Degree, New Job...New Car? Jake's MKVI GTI

    Couple of things: 1. Cloth heated seats are pretty uncommon here. In fact, the dealer mentioned that the only car in the US that has them is, in fact, the GTI. Presumably something to do with fire hazards or something that's probably unimportant. 2. I do have to pick up a set of winter wheels so...
  6. Jacobfox

    New Degree, New Job...New Car? Jake's MKVI GTI

    After much procrastinating (I'm moving, starting a job, being lazy...get off my back you damn kids), I finally have some pictures to post of my new car. It's a 2011 VW GTI 4-door in Carbon Steel Grey Metallic. I ended up getting the car with the 6-speed DSG box, as I have a highway commute twice...
  7. Jacobfox

    EPL 2011/12 Thread - English Premier League

    Hmm, Arsenal sign Oxlade-Chamberlain. Wenger promises more signings. Do we finally pay the damn market rates for Cahill and Mertesacker? Doubtful. We'll start the season down a pair of CBs again.
  8. Jacobfox

    The FOOTball thread

    Ugh, another idiotic defensive lapse to blow a lead by Arsenal. We need a new CB or two and a LB.
  9. Jacobfox

    Random Thoughts....

    Exactly. I start at Epic on Monday and it looks like it'll be a sweet job. It'd certainly be warmer in the winter if that were the case. Unfortunately, it's Wisconsin so it's going to be freezing. Still, nice little city. Sitting in a bagel shop by the lake right now, moochin their wifi and...
  10. Jacobfox

    Random Thoughts.... In other news, I'm moving to Madison, WI for work today. Great googly moogly.
  11. Jacobfox

    Random Thoughts....

    I mean, I wish I could peg the general vibe of this thread. You've got sentimental bullshit like what I posted, random other stuff, whatever spectre's been posting and then there's bearded pikachu/mansell. Lolque.
  12. Jacobfox

    Random Thoughts....

    It's interesting to me sitting here on the forum for as long as I have and just watching people do cool stuff with their lives. I know it's a bit random, but you lot are pretty damn impressive. And I have to say that a fair amount of the cool stuff I've gotten to do recently has been a direct...
  13. Jacobfox

    The TRUTH About Who Really Owns All Of America's Debt

    Where the heck do they get that America owes America 9.8 trillion. It's a stretch to consider all of the various government entities owning T-bills as a single entity, but the notion that private investors are one and the same as various pension plans, state entities and the treasury is patently...
  14. Jacobfox

    DiRT 3

    I'm seriously loving this game except for the damn buggies. Buggies on snow at night is the worst thing ever, although it does give me a perverse sense of pride to start from eighth in my least favorite car on my least favorite surface at my least favorite time and still kick the entire field's...
  15. Jacobfox

    The 2010/11 UCL UEFA Champions League & Europa League Thread

    Yeah, great match by Barca and tough luck to United. It's okay though, it takes a really special performance to beat Barca in London #upgunners.
  16. Jacobfox

    Introducing...the Hooniverse Podcast!

    BUMP. Hoonicast number 10 is upon us! Hear us talk about what car I should get! Listen to Blake argue about the merits of the Lexus SC400. Listen!
  17. Jacobfox

    Random Thoughts....

    Random favor to ask, guys. We're in the world's largest scavenger hunt and one of our items is to get the top result for the search query "Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your Mom, that's a fact!" So please google it and click on
  18. Jacobfox

    NBA 2010-2011

    HERE WE STAY! HERE WE STAY! So excited to hear that the Kings are staying. It's up to the city to move forward on the arena now. I hope we can get that done and keep the team for many years to come.
  19. Jacobfox

    Bin Laden dead

    Honestly can't blame P. Chidambaram. Pakistan has been incredibly uncooperative vis a vis the 26/11 attacks and has even blamed India for them. Another big terrorist hiding in plain sight in Pakistan gives them a really good chance for an "I told you so" moment.