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  1. Peter3hg

    '02 Honda Hornet CB600S

    Picked up my new bike last weekend. It's a 2002 Hornet with 20k miles on the clock and pretty much as it came out of the factory. There is a small ding in the fuel tank but other than that it is pretty much perfect. The indicator switch wasn't working properly but I stripped it down and gave it...
  2. Peter3hg

    Ownership Verified: 2015 Audi A3 1.4 TFSI

    Finally got my new car, nearly 6 months after the order went in. It is an Audi A3 Sportback with the 150 PS version of the 1.4 TFSI. First impressions are that it is just so incredibly refined compared to the Leon. It is quieter, more comfortable, the interior is light years ahead in terms of...
  3. Peter3hg

    ATI HD4870 Freezing

    My old HD4870 appears to be on its last legs. It has had occasional freezes for years but now it happens very regularly. Something like Google Earth or Minecraft (at conservative settings) will normally cause it to freeze within minutes although this can be literally as soon as it loads or as...
  4. Peter3hg

    High pitched whining - Seat Leon

    I have a high pitch whining that appears to be coming from the rear left wheel on my Leon. It is only really audible from 25-40mph and obviously more so when driving close to a wall or with the window open. The noise isn't noticeably affected by turning but disappears when braking or the hand...
  5. Peter3hg

    Windows 7 Network Bridge / Share Wireless Connection (FIXED)

    This is a slightly convoluted problem so I'll try and explain what I need to do first and then what I've tried. There are various parts to it: The main computer (where the "network" drive is located) wired to a Wireless Router Three laptops with Wifi which connect to the network drive over Wifi...
  6. Peter3hg

    Ownership Verified: 2008 Seat Leon 1.4 TSI

    To replace the Saab :cry: It is a 1.4 turbo putting out 125bhp and some torque. It is a hell of a lot more fun to drive than the Saab even though it is considerably slower. I've got an original Seat satnav/media player to replace the crappy stereo in it as well as cruise control to retrofit. I...
  7. Peter3hg

    Strange Sleep Issue

    I have a very odd sleep issue with my HTPC. It is running Windows 7 x64. Basically if I manually tell the computer to sleep it goes to sleep fine and wakes up fine on pressing the power button. However if the computer goes to sleep itself after x amount of time it will not wake back up. After...
  8. Peter3hg

    New Computer

    I'll just cross post what I posted back in November as it all still stands. This has become more urgent as my HTPC's processor (E4300) is getting tired and I want to replace it with the one off my current PC. This is the build I've so far come up with but not necessarily at the prices seen...
  9. Peter3hg

    2006 Saab 93 Vector Sport TiD

    The replacement for the replacement of the Toledo. It is a mid 2006 version (pre interior facelift) with ~45,000 miles on the clock. It is the 150bhp diesel so it pulls fairly well. It is pretty clean on the outside with only a few minor scuffs and one kerbed alloy. The engine is incredibly...
  10. Peter3hg

    Peugeot 306 GTI 6

    Meet my new waste of money. It is a 1996 Phase 2 GTI-6. It has quite a number of issues to resolve and will ultimately become a weekend/track car. The plan is to first sort out the mechanical issues (mainly the clutch and suspension) and then start making it more track ready by stripping a lot...
  11. Peter3hg

    13" Laptop Needed

    I need a new laptop. My netbook just doesn't cut it anymore, although I have had 2 good years out of it. Basically I want (in order of importance): full size keyboard, long battery life (6 hours min), good build quality, portability. My budget is anything up to ?1000 although I don't really...
  12. Peter3hg

    Grandmother jailed for 5 years for possession of pistol Completely ridiculous. While I'm sure she knew she shouldn't have the pistol, that doesn't make it right to lock her up for 5 years. The 5 year mandatory sentence for illegal possession of a pistol needs to be dropped immediately. It offers no...
  13. Peter3hg

    Seat Toledo 1.9 TDI SE

    Placed a deposit down on my new car today, ready to pick it up on Thursday. It is a 2004 Seat Toledo and has covered around 43,000 miles. The car is in mint condition and I only found one minute dent on the front left wheel arch. It is fairly well specced with 6 CD changer, climate control...
  14. Peter3hg

    [14x05] December 20th, 2009

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take over an entire modern art gallery in Middlesbrough and fill it with motoring-related works, including some remarkable creations of their own, in a quest to prove that cars can be more popular than traditional art. The task forces them to engage...
  15. Peter3hg

    Steering Wheel Issues

    My fucking steering wheel just decided to break. I was playing NFS Shift (the Wild Horse track) and coming out of one of the hairpins, the wheel suddenly starts making weird noises and all the force feedback was gone, the wheel is completely limp. I can hear a motor whirring and I can here...
  16. Peter3hg

    Building an HTPC

    My PVR is starting to become a pain in the arse, and I have most of the components of a PC lying redundant. Therefore I am seriously considering building an HTPC. Parts I already have are: C2D E4300 2GB Ram (probably only use 1GB of it) Bits I will buy are: Antec Micro Fusion Veris Case (comes...
  17. Peter3hg

    Which PSU?

    I blew up my PSU yesterday and need to go and get a new one when the shops open today. The three I have narrowed it down to are the BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 550w or the OCZ ModXstream Pro 500w or the Silverstone Strider 600w Any advice?
  18. Peter3hg

    Compressing 1280x720 video into a resonable file size

    I am putting various videos of fly-overs in Google Earth onto Youtube. Initially I have recorded these in Fraps with my screen size set to 1280x720 which gives a file size of 6GB for 6 minutes of video. I have then tripled the speed to give a 2 minute file at 30fps in Abode Premier Pro. My...
  19. Peter3hg

    House of Lords warning over 'surveillance state' As usual the unelected chamber seems to speak far more sense than the elected chamber.
  20. Peter3hg

    The ECHR deal a massive blow to Labour's 1984 plan for Britain.