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    Concept: Mugen NSX RR Concept

    This is the car Honda should have built for homologation instead of the NSX-R GT, basically their version of the Porsche GT1 and Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR. The Spoon NSX-R that will be sold in the states are supposedly from white bodies that Honda had left over after production stopped, so these...
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    Vandenbrink Ferrari GTO

    Not sure if this a repost, I did a search and could find anything I think its brilliant :thumbsup:
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    2007 Spyker C12 Zagato

    source :jawdrop: I wonder if Albers and Sutil can choose their own company car....?
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    Murcielago crashed by a drunk 26 year old

    I just saw this on the local news here. Neighbors said that he does this regularly and until the crash they only new him as the "lamborghini guy." He's only fucking 26 or 27 and blew a .32something. It disgust me that there are people around my age with this kind of means who act like this...
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    UK cops can now fingerprint on the fly

    Project Lantern Leave the inevitable device failure and user error aside, is the UK's Big Brother going to far? "Alarm bells are ringing Willie."
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    Possible the new Porsche 997 GT2??

    As reported by AutoSpies. This is obviously a photoshop style touch up of the Turbo with Carrera GT wheels, and Carrera style side vents, but who knows?
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    Porsche 997 911 GT3

    Origin Motorsport 911 GT3 Auto spies coverage For me the front end will take some getting used to. Just seems too Ruf to me. But this car sounds like it will be an awesome performer.
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    What is JC's favorite The Who album?

    I forget what review he was talking about, but he said like this ?album? every song was great. Name that album...