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  1. Cancun

    Colin Furze needs to be one of the new TG presenters!

    The BBC needs to turn things up to eleven if they want to stand a chance and Colin has been doing just that. Drag race w/ souped-up mobility scooter against plane: Note the...
  2. Cancun

    Buying & registering a car in the UK as a foreigner?

    Hi, it should be possible for EU citizens to buy and register a used car in the UK, shouldn't it? Does anybody know which criteria need to be met? Would you need a permanent residence inside the UK, and if so, how do you prove that you have one?
  3. Cancun

    No concrete is the answer...

    ... but wood is!!!1 Just fitted the Merc with 300 kilos of dripping wet poplar planks and there you go! I'd take on Captain Slow in his drool-drenched Beemer ANY TIME!
  4. Cancun

    Translation help: Need slang-ish /colloquial term for a quick motorbike

    I'm in need for an English term for a not-too-big and powerful motorbike (+70 hp supermoto style single) that turns out to be unexpectedly quick, sporty and flickable. Great back roads fun. Having been out of the loop and neglected to buy Performance Bike magazine etc. for some years, the only...
  5. Cancun

    Do they lap consistently?

    Hi, pardon me if this has been covered before, but has it ever been ascertained if the TG hosts (except Stig) are able to do consistent lap times on a racetrack? I'm not necessarily thinking of races, where anything can happen to spoil a lap. But they've often been asked to do some laps on the...
  6. Cancun

    I went on the internet and found...

    Didn't they have a schtick once where they made viewers send in pics of the worst car mods they'd seen? This might've fit in there... a little more subtle than that Vectra with the Dodge script on the boot, but not much: Careful though, your...