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    New 600bhp Continental GT Speed

    Source: Images:
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    Bentley burnout (=IQ lost in Mariana Trench)

    How retarded must one be to do sth like this? Or just full of everything?
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    General Season 10 Content

    I got this picture from a friends friend who was traveling across Europe ... It looks like Top Gear team was shooting material for the new season. BTW, the guy in the Superleggera is Clarkson :lol:
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    Ford hires banks to sell Jaguar, Land Rover

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    Another work of art from SsangYong

    SsangYong Actyon: :shock:
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    Pick-ups (continued from I saw... *PICTURES ONLY*)

    @ TomCat: Is my English really that bad? Haven't I locally pin-pointed my statement? I've been to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy and...
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    ~ 50 000 000 EUR

    http://img155.imageshack.**/img155/4661/5655425maranellomugelloenzo3su.jpg Anybody knows what was the occasion?
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    Alfa Romeo 159 SportWagon & Alfa Romeo Spider

    Alfa 159 SportWagon: Engines from 120hp (1.9 diesel) to 260hp AWD (3.2 V6). Alfa Spider: Brera based, engines from 185hp (2.2) to 260hp AWD (3.2 V6). source:
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    Brabus U-class

    280 PS 6400 ccm 1100 Nm 120 km/h 11,99t 455/70 R24 Americans creating some like this ... OK. But Germans? :shock2:
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    Veyron killer?

    1000 hp, 418kmh. No match for the Bugatti in my eyes, though <_<
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    Tango T600

    For those who believe MCC Smart is just too big for them.
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    Clarkson being hit with a pie made me wonder what's the general opinon on this forum about environment.