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  1. blazer

    New ride...

    so this is my new ride, following my previous car getting totalled in an accident
  2. blazer

    what car is this??

    i know its a saab but i've never seen one before.. it looks like a 60s one..
  3. blazer

    Track day at California Speedway

    So today i went to the track with a good friend of mine and his M6. first time ever being out on a track in an actual high performance car. and i must say it was an excellent experience, the grip and speeds he could carry through some corners baffles me (he's an driving instructor there), but...
  4. blazer

    Aston Martin Showroom invitation

    so i recently got invited to the launch of the new DBS at a local showroom, part of the grandopening of the new showroom. My question is, what can i expect? anyone had experience in something like this? I dont want to seem like a 20 year old retard just checking out the cars, without any...
  5. blazer

    Nissan GT-R vs Chevrolet ZR-1

    Anyone have thoughts on this potential match-up?? say on a track and then straight line performance I personally think it'd be a blowout to the ZR1 on a striaght line, but on a track the GTR might give it a run for its money. Thoughts/comments?!
  6. blazer

    Jaguar XKR-S anyone else think that this is Jaguars attempt at the DBS??
  7. blazer

    Subaru Legacy

    Oi everyone, my family has recently decided to get rid of my mums Honda Odyssey, and she would take my car a Toyota Camry. So my parents were asking me on what car i would like. I said the Legacy, only problem now is they don't seem convinced, what should i say? And for people who have driven a...
  8. blazer

    Wheel Shufflers

    which episode is this in?? its the news where they're talking bout soemthign, and Clarkson brings up Wheel Shufflers
  9. blazer

    logo identification

    i was wondering if anyone knows this particular one looks like.. it looks sorta like an S engraved, the background is similaar to that of the Bentley bg.. any help is appreciate. thanks!
  10. blazer

    Top Gear Track on Google Maps

    has anyone been able to find the track and studio on the map?? and can you relaly see Top Gear written on the top??