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  1. Sir Stiggington

    I need facts for an essay

    Hey guys, I'm writing a paper on "Is F1 a celebration of waste?". Won't bore you with the details of my thesis, etc. but all I need is lots of data such as: - Money figures in F1 (total revenue, TV money, sponsors budgets to certain teams etc) - The money spent on KERS by certain teams - The...
  2. Sir Stiggington

    What's that book which makes no real sense, has missing pages, etc.?

    I remember reading a post on here, or maybe somewhere else, about this book that's (from what I remember) a whole book of fragments of stories (or even sentences?) with no apparent connection. It also has missing page(s) (as in the page number skips from 96 to 98). It's a cult type thing where...
  3. Sir Stiggington

    Photo Essay: 2010 Belgian Grand Prix

    Thought about posting this in the photography section, but I think the main interest will be here... I've finally gotten round to selecting and editing the pictures from the Belgian GP, so here they are with a little background info. The full album is here...
  4. Sir Stiggington

    Monkeys, birds, sunsets, beaches: My collection from holidays in Malaysia and Borneo

    Hey guys, Came back from Malaysia this summer, and took lots of pictures. Spent a lot of time taking, selecting, and PPing. So please let me know what you think :) Hope you enjoy them ;)
  5. Sir Stiggington

    Does anyone still have 56k on here? [Speed Test Thread]

    After seeing some more "No 56k" tags I was wondering if anone still has it. For me, it's been since 2003. Which is acutally quite recent. It seems like it's completely gone around here, the last time I saw it was in Egypt, when we had it in 2003. What about you guys? Does anyone still have...
  6. Sir Stiggington

    Woman says she became pregnant after watching porn in 3D [via joke site]

    Get ready for some facepalm guys! :D
  7. Sir Stiggington

    Microsoft Office 2010

    Has anyone tried it? You can get Beta versions for free here: I'm downloading it now, wasn't aware it was out yet. Tell me what you guys think, I'll do the same once I use it.
  8. Sir Stiggington poll: What is the greatest battle of all time?

    Check this out: Contenders are: Schumacher VS Alonso (Imola 2005) Senna VS Alesi (USA 1990) Mansell VS Senna (Spain 1986) Schumacher VS Wurz (Monaco 1998) Villeneuve VS Didier Pironi (San Marino 1982) Arnoux VS Villeneuve (Dijon 1979)...
  9. Sir Stiggington

    Only webpage headers load (all browsers)

    My laptop has decided to spring abother surprise on me by not loading webpages in any browser. Internet is connected (wireless), and the weirdest thing is the headers load (in the FF program bar at the top), but nothing of the webpage shows up. It keeps saying "transferring data from..." at the...
  10. Sir Stiggington

    IRC: No frenchies allowed?

    I take offence!:P I'm not a frenchie, I just happen to live in the place...and I'm only 10km from the Swiss border, so come on... Seriously though, why are french IPs banned from the IRC channel, and is there anything that can be done about it? Cause I'd love to spend some time on it...
  11. Sir Stiggington

    Fonts folder in Windows 7 displays nothing

    So I've been a bit of a Pidington and installed tons of fonts at once. Then I realized that some fonts on the internet (Autosport, Twitter, Facebook) were changing, so I wanted to unistall them. Except al the fonts in the Font folder disappeared. Via command prompt you can see there are loads of...
  12. Sir Stiggington

    Water found on Moon after Nasa 'bombing' mission That I did not expect...
  13. Sir Stiggington

    Firefox acts as if it is freshly installed after it is restarted

    Hey guys, I'm back with another question :P Just installed Windows 7 on another partition of the disk, and now when I start Firefox on my XP 64 system (same computer obviously), and I start Firefox, it acts like it would after installing it freshly. All the addons say welcome, etc. And my...
  14. Sir Stiggington

    Microsoft COFEE law enforcement tool leaks all over the Internet! Yeah, I got it off the site on which it was originally uploaded to. But as the guy says, it's cool to have it, but completely useless...:P
  15. Sir Stiggington

    Google Wave - Google's FliFacemailbookkr

    This is pretty neat, Google has developed what it believes is the successor to email: Check it out...
  16. Sir Stiggington

    Anyone been to Spa? Where should I sit?

    With a 20% off on tickets for Spa until Friday, I'm gonna hurry up and get some. But which ones? I'm thinking either Eau Rouge (Gold 3), or Malmedy (Silver 3) at Les Combes. Here you can see the map: Went I went to Magny Cours I...
  17. Sir Stiggington

    Range Rover LRX on its way I loved that thing when it was a concept and I'm ecstatic to see it coming out for sale:D Now all we need is for it to actually resemble the concept...
  18. Sir Stiggington

    Compiling speeding fines: Is that even legal?

    Hey guys, I just received a bundle of fines which total 2,600CHF. (Before you hammer me for speeding, the biggest fine was 66km/h in a 40km/h zone). The speeding fines were collected in Switzerland over a period of a year, and then sent over in one go to France, where I live. I'm wondering as...
  19. Sir Stiggington

    Challenge for F1 (or GP2?) Gurus: Crash debris identification

    OK guys, so my friend came back from Monza and kindly brought me a piece of debris he found on the inside of the exit of the 2nd Lesmo. Here are the pictures with paper/hand for scale: To me it looks like the rear crash structure (due to the lack of paint and shape). But I'm not sure...
  20. Sir Stiggington

    SOLVED: GarageBand exits while recording, file empty

    So I'm back with a new problem, except this time it is a friend's problem, on his Mac. So he's been recording a very long speech for about 2 hours (without saving), and suddenly, while recording, GarageBand closes. So he goes back to the file (which he had saved before starting), and it's...