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  1. SpecOpsBob

    Ideas Needed - Top Gear Forza 3 Livery.

    For most people in this section of the forums, chances are that you're familiar with Forza 3 and it's livery editor. If you're not one of those people, there's this game called Forza 3 and it lets you paint stuff on cars. Anyway, it seemed about time someone made a Top Gear car... Below is my...
  2. SpecOpsBob

    Best budget zoom lens for Olympus E-410

    /thread Ok, ok, I'm still getting to grips with all the camera terminology and whatnot so please excuse my lack of... knowing stuff :) I'm looking for a new lens for my Olympus E410 for around $300AUD (preferably less) which I can use for shooting more distant things than my current 14 - 42mm...
  3. SpecOpsBob

    Amberly Air Show

    Just a few photos from today's Air Show at Amberly AB. It was unbelievably packed so it didn't leave much room for creative license as far as composition (should've taken a hi-vis jacket and seen whether people stopped ruining the shots [:P] - Keep in mind I'm no pro like most of you guys). As...
  4. SpecOpsBob

    QBE Riverfire

    Background Well, I was lucky enough to get a prime little spot to see the Brisbane Riverfire and couldn't ignore that little voice in my head to take my camera, despite not having a tripod (Shaky shots ensued thanks to less than effective use of pot-plant-rail combination. ;) Will post some...
  5. SpecOpsBob

    No 56k: SpecOps' Shots

    I've always been interested in photography and after forming a bit of a reputation with Forza 2's photo-mode, it got me into the real life stuff. - So my past experience is basically twiddling sticks and flying around freely in a video game. :) Tips are very much welcome and appreciated, for...
  6. SpecOpsBob

    Top Gear site been overtaken?

    *edit* I've just found out the actual cause if you enter "" in your browser it goes to radio times but if you enter "" it goes to the proper Top Gear site, not sure if they've doubled up on the navigation or something... (since Radio Times is actually a BBC site)...