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  1. IceBone

    Live patch 3.6.2 and the Origin Jumpworks 890 Jump

    So, Star Citizen development has been progressing at a pace and this is the latest ship that now graces the live build (which has now been updated to 3.6.2), is the 890 Jump. I've had the pleasure to mess with it in the PTU, where everyone had access and it is glorious. Haven't seen a single...
  2. IceBone

    Star Trek: Picard

    So, it's coming in 2020 and they just released the first trailer. It's made me squeel and giggle like a school girl. Please, please, please be the show we wanted Discovery to be.
  3. IceBone

    This isn't your grandpa's instagram!

    ITT let's post some food porn, but avoiding the classic instagram filtered bullcrap that anyone with a phone can do. I'll start first with a couple of shots I did for @47 's restaurant.
  4. IceBone

    Mars rover Opportunity - Mission status: Complete

    The rover Opportunity took off from 7th July 2003 and landed on Mars' Meridiani Planum on 25th January 2004. Its original mission was not to last any longer than 90 days, but 14 and a half years later, the little rover was still going strong, doing science like a champ. After an immense...
  5. IceBone


    The third installment in M. Night Shyamalan's trilogy, preceded with Unbreakable and Split. Brilliant. Perfect conclusion and a return to force by M. Night Shyamalammadingdong.
  6. IceBone

    Louwman Automotive Museum

    Sylvestermeet 2018 happened and one day we found ourselves in the Hague to visit the Louwman Automotive Museum (as the title says). I won't paste every single photo in here as there's close to 200, but here's just a taster in no particular order: The rest can be found here. Many...
  7. IceBone

    Ownership Verified: Growing up - Midnight Express - Audi A5 Coupé

    As per my final post in the Saudi thread, here is the continuation of the story. A stroke of luck, really. nicjasno and Tim already knew about my long standing desire to own an A5 coup? and while the Saudi was still being repaired, I was sent a car listing for one in Maribor by nicjasno. It...
  8. IceBone

    Little toy car Daft Punk tour, take 2!

    I didn't think it would have ever happened, but after 3 years and 6 months, the Viper World Tour had ended, albeit with a completely different outcome than any of us had hoped for. The cars got lost in the mail. :( Fortunately the postcards and any other knick knacks did make it all the way to...
  9. IceBone

    Nemesis - IceBone's new rig

    Do you know what nemesis means? It's being assembled on Wednesday and seeing ye olde pc shoppe couldn't source a few of my desired components, I had to go hunting myself, at which I was successful. Case: Corsair Graphite 600Tt RAM: 2x8GB Klevv Neo 1866 MHz DDR3 The rest of the...
  10. IceBone

    Feel good thread

    There's a lot of negativity going around, not just the forums, so I thought we needed a thread that combats that, puts a smile on your face and restores faith in humanity. GO!
  11. IceBone

    TitansGrave - The Ashes of Valkana

    If no-one's picked up on this yet, it's a new web series by Wil Wheaton and it's about a brand new tabletop roleplaying game he has helped design and it's the first ever playthrough of it, featuring Hank Green, Alison Haislip, Luara Bailey and Yuri Lowenthal. It's very well written, produced and...
  12. IceBone

    Ringmeet 2015 vinyls! Get your Ringmeet 2015 vinyls here!

    It's about that time of year again, so get your orders in. There are three standard vinyls you can order. Standard FinalGear logo: Ringmeet logo: FG Racing logo: All of these are available in widths of 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100cm. Standard colours are black and white, but others can be...
  13. IceBone

    [Rumor] Clarkson, Hammond and May to return to a new car show on Netflix
  14. IceBone

    Motorvation - A FinalGear TV show about cars and people who own them

    Greetings one and all! Welcome to the discussion thread about a brand new show on the FinalGear TV channel, Motorvation (don't worry, it'll grow on you). The show aims to focus on the cooler parts of the Final Gear motor pool with each chosen participant getting a two video treatment. Part one...
  15. IceBone

    No 56k: Earth porn

    I found an amazing video which I thought deserved something better than being lost in either the Cool Videos thread or the Amazing stuff one, so decided to make a new one for it and similar videos/images. Ladies and gentlemen, the Himalayas: In 4k.
  16. IceBone

    Forum-wide survey: How oomphy is your ride?

    I'm swamped with work so during a break to take my mind off it, I thought I'd create this thread. What I'm looking for is how much power your daily/weekend/whatever has in regards to its kerb weight and displacement. Aspiration doesn't matter towards the number, but would be nice to have as a...
  17. IceBone

    Radio Slovenia International - My Life, My Music (video recorded and edited by me)

    So, a few months ago I started a collaboration with a local state-owned radio station that does primarily foreign language material. There's a show called My Life, My Music where either Slovenians with international interests or foreign people, currently living in Slovenia are interviewed, with...
  18. IceBone

    Looks like my mobo finally gave up the ghost...

    It's a Gigabyte GA H67MA, with an i7 2600 strapped to it. I just came home with some extra ram for it, shut it down, plugged the memory in, pressed the button and... Nothing. I've had some issues with it before, where it would get stuck in a boot loop, but when reaching the pc shop, it would...
  19. IceBone

    Video: YouTube finally enables 60fps for all users

    That's right folks, it's been promised months ago and now it's finally here. 60 fps videos for everyone. YouTube still says they'll only enable it for motion intensive stuff, so if you upload a 60fps video of paint drying, it sadly won't make the cut. Now have at it. :)
  20. IceBone

    Rumour Mill: Audi Prolouge Concept

    A month before the LA Auto show, Audi's teasing the new A9, which is going to be unveiled (in one form or another) at the show. Can't say anything about any detail, but the overall shape is remarkably like this concept that's been floating around for a while: