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  1. Capacious Boot

    Clarkson quote in Project Gotham Racing 4

    I was just playing PGR4 and was about to use the Koenigsegg(sp?) CCX when I noticed in its description this quote from Jeremy: "Unlike any other supercar, this doesn't feel sanitized or tamed.... It's raw, vicious, unbridled power." Just thought that was kind of cool. I wonder if his kids play...
  2. Capacious Boot

    Chasing supercars up the PCH

    Had a good day yesterday... I've been on a motorcycle trip from my home in Oregon down through California, and yesterday I was riding down Highway 1, down the Pacific coast from Monterey south to San Simeon. I had never been there before, but I had heard about it many times and it looked very...
  3. Capacious Boot

    MotoGP is great, but World Superbike is amazing!

    Wow! After watching the first two Moto GP races I was wondering when World Superbike was gonna start. Lo and behold, it had already started and I had missed the first two rounds. Once I got them downloaded, I was in for a real treat. The competition is amazing! Much more exciting than MotoGP...
  4. Capacious Boot

    Who's looking forward to MotoGP?

    This season is going to be so cool. All new bikes, a new defending champion and a lot of really good ex-rookies now in their second year. I can't wait. I think Yamaha is going to be very competitive with Rossi, as I think he is probably the best rider at developing the bikes. Of course, all of...
  5. Capacious Boot

    Star in a Car, yea or nay?

    I am interested to hear the opinions on this segment of the show. I personally almost never watch them, as I find them really boring. In fact, if I had more spare time I would like to edit the segment out of all my rips, so as to save space and eliminate the need for skipping past them...