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  1. pebblepixie


    There'll be dancing in the streets of Chipping Norton tonight. It was announced on the evening news that the M4 bus lane is to be abolished...:clap:
  2. pebblepixie

    This week's Radio Times cover!!

    Oh God my eyes :blink: The Radio Times for 26 June to 2 July features the guys on the cover - warning ladies!! there are nekkid knees on show.
  3. pebblepixie

    Anti-freeze question

    My hubby has got an old Peugeot 406 (I know, I know...he inherited it) anyway, it's our first car and we know very little about looking after it. He's been trying to find out about how much anti-freeze he should have in the coolant system now that winter's approaching (we live in the North East...
  4. pebblepixie

    'Twas the Espisode Before Christmas...

    I was going to keep this until the last show aired but as it's not going out till after Christmas I've just posted it on the TG site blog So as promised I'm posting it on here too. :) ?Twas the night before Christmas when all through the hangar, Nothing was stirring, not a single old...
  5. pebblepixie

    TV confusion

    I dunno if anyone else in the UK has waded through the Christmas Radio Times yet (a monumental task requiring several marker pens, hot cups of tea and very, very good eyesight) but it says that TG12-07 is to be broadcast on Sunday 21st December :blink: after its already been aired on the 14th...
  6. pebblepixie

    Mini RH interview

    Just thought I'd mention this so that someone can tell the HH girls. :) If you live in the UK and pop into HMV in the next few weeks, there's a very brief interview with Richard in their christmas brochure - favourite Xmas song/film kinda thing.
  7. pebblepixie

    Smoking tyres

    Good ladies and gentlemen of the Final Gear forums can any of you please show me any close-up pictures of smoking tyres - preferably on some delicious supercar. This is not to feed some peculiar fetish of mine, I promise. I need some reference images for a piece of art I'm planning. Honest.:|