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  1. Alex K

    Origin of "tii" in BMW 2002 tii and 1 series tii?

    I was inclined to agree that this is what it stood for originally for the 1975 car, but was unsure about the concept. Subsequently, I did pose the same question on twitter and @BMWgroup responded with: Since they didn't specify, I think I'll accept it as an answer for both models.
  2. Alex K

    Origin of "tii" in BMW 2002 tii and 1 series tii?

    Hi guys, first time posting (indeed visiting) in a while, but doing so for the delicious purpose of discussing badge nomenclature. Does the "tii" in BMW's 1 series tii concept (branded in tribute to the 2002 tii) stand for "twin inducted (fuel) injected"? or "Tourismo Internationale, injected"...
  3. Alex K

    [13x02] June 28th, 2009

    Great ep, fun challenge, awesome supercar pr0n, very distracting audience member behind Hammond. I didn't get the whole running joke about May almost losing his man bits tho. Not sure if this was mentioned in the thread ......and I'm loathe to type "James May Penis" in the search bar. :blush:
  4. Alex K

    2009 New York Auto Show Photos

    Ok, here are a handful of pics. Just a couple as to not bludgeon the 56K'ers.
  5. Alex K

    2009 New York Auto Show Photos

    Hey Everyone, I've just put some highlights up from the NY auto show on my blog. I'd post them here but to be frank, my computer has been a huge pain in the ass and it was a hassle getting them up on my site and I don't really want to go through it all again. Maybe I'll change my mind later...
  6. Alex K

    The dumbest Ferrari moment this week

    Here you go, internets...
  7. Alex K

    Would you buy it?

    Not that I have the scratch to do so, but I've recently come across two replicas of classic cars that are supposedly faster and more dependable than their originals. I asked myself this very same question and I always came back to "No." Yeah, the replica may perform better than the original and...
  8. Alex K

    2009 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    hehe, agreed. They've done themselves no favors here.
  9. Alex K

    2009 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    seriously? what part? I want to go back and hear this for myself.
  10. Alex K

    2009 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    agreed in that you defend to the best of your abilities. sometimes it works, sometimes you lose more than you went in for. In this case, the way I see it, Vettel didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter. If we're discussing who's fault it is, my opinion is that it was Kubicas (and...
  11. Alex K

    2009 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    I looks to me that Kubica, who I believe to be a good driver, simply made a bad call. Indeed, he had a right to make a go for 2nd, but I think he just misjudged the situation. par for the course. Also, not that he was given a whole lot of choice, but Vettel was very much in the right to defend...
  12. Alex K

    Truth in 24

    Indeed. The filmmakers did a good job with the narrative and made a documentary that would satisfy the enthusiasts and still be accessible to those who probably don't follow motorsport. They put a real face on the team and did well to not make the Peugeot as anonymous as the other competitors...
  13. Alex K

    serious case of *WANT*

    I don't have anything substantial to add here, but I keep seeing the headline for this thread when I sign on, and considering how well it went over with everyone I keep thinking that the thread should be re-titled serious case of *WANK* I'm 11 years old.
  14. Alex K

    Don't take a LP640 to Russia

    Put two variables of stupid behind the wheel and the math changes dramatically, I reckon.
  15. Alex K

    Don't take a LP640 to Russia

    It occurs to me, We never really hear of Lambos or other supercars hitting each other that much, do we? its always a tree or a pole, etc.
  16. Alex K

    Which car company makes the best looking cars?

    I'm in this mindset as well, I can't make such a general statement. that being said....
  17. Alex K

    serious case of *WANT*

    What's the goal for this car? I see an under 5 0-60 time, but top speed? Total power output? The 240hp V6 next to an ambiguous battery makes me wonder just how much work the electric motor is supposed to do. Unfortunately, this just looks like a doomed project from the start.
  18. Alex K

    Spyker owner shot in apparent assassination attempt

    Alexander "50 kopeks" Antonov? I had to look it up...
  19. Alex K

    10 Ferrari 250's you may not know. (Slow connection warning)

    Oh wow, you're right, it really does. I forget where I read it, but there was this article featuring a restored 250gt Lusso. It was burgundy with cream interior and the shots of it going down an open country road just melted my heart. Good post.
  20. Alex K

    Andy Richter Does what we all want to Prius Drivers

    adding a few rounds into the Prius would have been nice... (sorry, I had to.)