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  1. veyya

    Top Gear demotivators

    I finally succumbed and made one. And nicked the image to the other off Diti *shame*
  2. veyya

    James May: LPE power gift for James May

    James had better be careful - we know what happens to things when they go on TG! (Lambo baubles, Nissan president, Bugatti aftershave...) But fantastic, fantastic thing, that. Brilliant, knowing him he'll love it.
  3. veyya

    Top Gear demotivators

    Steady on, you morse-crazed demotivator-mentalists! These are getting steadily better as time goes on, even without new eps! If I ever do any half-decent ones, I shall come post them and humiliate myself. :D
  4. veyya

    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    Well, I have to say... Actually, I have a few things. The Evora was the first part I saw, and I sort of sat there drooling for a few moments, but it was a bit... Off. It was classic Clarkson etc, but I still can't quite put my finger on what it was. Maybe not enough of an intro to it. I did, I...
  5. veyya

    A 'very grim' meeting

    I reckon Clarkson's pretty much set up for life, only doubt to that would come from when he was mentioning that his money had vanished with his bank the other year. His talent, though, for what he's built up, is pretty much amazing. Plus let's look at what he does - works amazingly hard to get...
  6. veyya

    7 Days to Go!!!

    Well, I'm currently listening to 5x08 (itunes smart playlists are STUPID, they don't understand I only want music, and not the massive amounts of TG I manage to put through it most days. TG is good, but music is also good, it needs to understand). And just a week. As of now, seven days and six...
  7. veyya

    Top Gear season 13 trailer

    That was a fantastic trailer! And James' shirt... Think of the tales those kids'll be telling when they get old. Presuming TG actually stays a classic... Ah it will. I actually preferred season 11's trailer (You know... "Tigers, racing badgers..." "Shut up") TG almost doesn't need a promo...
  8. veyya

    The Stig: Village mystified by Stig the mower

    Ah but check out the colour of his arms... Could be Stig's lorry-driving cousin again?
  9. veyya

    Guests you'd like to see on Top Gear

    Orlando Bloom, James Martin. Yeah.
  10. veyya

    Next vote to rig... TV Quick Awards! Top Gear is under Best Lifestyle Show, and Total Wipeout is under Best Gameshow. It's one vote per person (more likely, one vote per IP), but still...
  11. veyya

    What would you do if you got tickets?

    If I got tickets, I'd leap on the next plane to London and take the friend who put me onto TG. You need a fan, definitely.
  12. veyya

    Filming in Edinburg 25-04-09

    Is that JC at 0:22 in the video of May and the car, or am I hallucinating?
  13. veyya

    Random funny screencaps (no 56k)

    Thanks! I'm going to watch that. ^^
  14. veyya

    Random funny screencaps (no 56k)

    What ep's that from? -curious- I'm missing too much tg for my own good.
  15. veyya

    Clarkson: Special appearance on "Gardeners' World"

    HAHAHAAAAA. TG's been the subject of a few April Fools'.
  16. veyya

    Random funny screencaps (no 56k)

    "It's a supercar, it doesn't have vertical takeoff"
  17. veyya

    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    It does indeed... I captioned that one with, 'you didn't, did you?' and then made it my friend's desktop. She loves James. It's odd.
  18. veyya

    The best ever Clarkson,Hammond and May Quotes

    From 4x03, and this has probably been said before, jc: "160 brake horsepower" rh + jm: "yeah, but 160 TONS of volvo!" Just the way they said it together. Epiccc. Plus... 11x02 jc: "and, this, is two thousand pounds less than that" rh: "but the subaru is seven thousand pounds less than that!"...
  19. veyya

    Top Gear: Great Adventures 2 DVD

    AHAHAHAHAHA. I really should go get this. Then my friend and I will have both between us. Want these commentaries!
  20. veyya

    3 Veyrons

    Oooh. I'd love to see that article. Was it them, or just three veyrons? Heck, to have that kind of stuff all in the same place...