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  1. Pierc3

    Unveiled: Peugeot 308 R hot hatch revealed

    Just one general 308 question. In some shots I saw, the thing in the middle of the grill where the Peugeot lettering is looks as if there are LEDs beneath it. Can anyone confirm this? Topic wise: I hate it as I hate all Peugeots after one once flooded my computer which was in the boot...
  2. Pierc3

    2013 Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espa?a

    As much as I love Formula1 but the tires are a shame, it's not a race against other drivers but against the tires...
  3. Pierc3

    Unveiled: 2014 VW XL1

    I don't know why but I somehow like it and want to drive it right now. :?
  4. Pierc3

    2012 United States Grand Prix

    Yeah sure but giving away 5 places just for the clean side doesn't sound like a good idea. Once again Massa is being used on the single occasion when he clearly outperforms Alonso. Yes I don't want Vettel to win the championship today but in the end I just want to see a nice race without Massa...
  5. Pierc3

    2012 United States Grand Prix

    I just read that Ferrari was thinking about changing the gearbox in Massa's car to move Alonso one up and to the clean side of the grid. I know they are allowed to do so but this just feels like cheating. I'd rather see Alonso fight himself up all the way and keep the championship open
  6. Pierc3

    2012 Indian GP

    He said something about noone since Senna in 1989 had led that many consecutive laps and Vettel just praised Senna.
  7. Pierc3

    Airspace closed in Northern Europe

    As long as it doesn't erupt in April I couldn't care less.
  8. Pierc3

    Official 2011 Formula 1 Pre-Season Thread

    In 1,5hours there will be a medical report by officials lets wait for that but the first reports don't sound too good. :(
  9. Pierc3

    Show us your Lego!

    Haha Christmas is Lego-Time. Last year I got all my old train stuff from our attic and built a huge track, including bridge and tunnel. I'll upload some pics when I'm at my parents place. Also I still have the green truck and the old white rocket and several other huge Technic models I can't...
  10. Pierc3

    Audi's 30th anniversary - Audi Quattro Reborn

    WOW!!!! I want one right now. I absolutely love it.
  11. Pierc3

    Qn - Watching the Aurora Borealis around Chicago

    I don't care about the magnetic north pole it's still not fair :P I want to see it...
  12. Pierc3

    Qn - Watching the Aurora Borealis around Chicago

    Great I just did some research and guess where the same latitude as mine is in North America, yes it is the border between Canada and the USA and still there was nothing to observe...
  13. Pierc3

    Spy Shots: 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG lights up its rotors at the 'Ring

    I don't like it, looks as bad as any new Mercedes apart from the SLS. Looks like they noticed that mirrors are missing just before they tested it and just glued them to the car
  14. Pierc3

    Spied: 2010 Nissan Qazana spied

    the first thing that came into my mind was punitive tariff we just have to keep this car out of the Germany and every other rational country
  15. Pierc3

    [14x02] November 22nd, 2009

    I loved it. The news with that mustache guy were hilarious, the R8 is just perfect, don't care about the ZR1 though. The interview with the SIARPC was quite funny and on top of that Geoff. I definitly woke up my neighbours by laughing unbelievably loud, just love it when the guys are ambitious...
  16. Pierc3

    Rumour Mill: New Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class (2011) and BLK (2012)

    I hate those cars, like any other new Mercedes(except the SLS grille and doors) Somehow the front of the B-class looks like a Delta and the back reminds me of a Megane.
  17. Pierc3

    Rumour Mill: Fiat Punto Evo Cabrio

    Hmm not quite sure if I like it, but what are the rear seats good for? Like Clarkson said only Mussolini and Hitler look good in the back, but the next generation of dictators can only be about 10" with those seats.:P
  18. Pierc3

    Citroen Revolte Concept: the 21st century 2CV!

    Wow Matchbox finally designs real cars.:sick:
  19. Pierc3

    The new Mclaren is here...

    It looks too generic and one seat is missing.:sad: The drivers seat should be in the middle.