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  1. Gyvon

    Stig (AKA Cuddles) spotted at Legoland via Google Street View,-0.56537&ll=51.464974,-0.649827&spn=156.311456,74.882812&t=w&z=2&vpsrc=6&layer=c&panoid=QIe6bdA6fUPQJZEa8jR8mg&cbll=51.464974,-0.649827&cbp=13,-238.50708218774523,,0,15.388995469156598
  2. Gyvon

    Iranian Navy Anounced Plans to Send Warships to Patrol off US Coast In response, the US Navy said that Iran is welcome off our coast... provided they can even reach the Atlantic. Also, there's a bit about some scandal the Clergy is trying to tie to Ahmadinejad
  3. Gyvon

    Rutledge Wood talks about his passions: old cars, Top Gear and Saved By The Bell
  4. Gyvon

    What, exactly, makes a car a "Supercar"?

    This has been bugging me for a while. Is it the performance? Price? What
  5. Gyvon

    MotorTrend Article on Rutledge Wood Also, there's possibly a preview of a challenge from season 2 on page 5.
  6. Gyvon

    James May Hates the U.S. Presenters A gem from the article:
  7. Gyvon

    Something's Fishy. Prank played on Tanner Foust
  8. Gyvon

    Top Gear US Hosts interviewed by Jay Leno (Begins at 30 minutes in.)