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  1. Adrian

    No 56k: Meet Joules Autonomie - my '14 Tesla Model S P85+ w/AP

    Couple of weeks ago a golden opportunity presented itself. It was a deal almost too good to be true. I've been following the markets for these specific models for a year or so, and this car was originally sold from Norway to a car rental company in Spain last year for 670.000 NOK. It's been...
  2. Adrian

    Ringmeet MMXV: Planning thread.

    Let's move Ringmeet planning out of the roadtrip thread. Step 1: This Poll: Select which dates you'd be available. Here's the schedules: Official: Orderly...
  3. Adrian

    Adrian and his trusty sidekick crossing the Americas - Summer-Fall 2015

    Some already know this, but i'll put it black on white in hope of getting some further input from the great people of FinalGear! Sometime mid-summer 2015 i'll be putting my KITT, the 850, on a ship headed for New York City. The plan is to spend two months or so crossing the great US of A before...
  4. Adrian

    Ownership Verified: The red baron! My Donkervoort S8AT, hubby of topless swede and connoisseur of boost!

    Some of you guys might already know this, but for the last two years i have been oogling this advert of a dutch red baron. Despite looking clean as a whistle, low kms and well cared for, the car appeared unsellable. This because the owner, and his wife, was disabled and the car modified as such...
  5. Adrian

    My "Will i ever grow up"-mobile. 50cc (and some) of street legal go-kart fun.

    My "Will i ever grow up"-mobile. 50cc (and some) of street legal go-kart fun. So on this Amcar trading group on facebook, this showed up: I had been looking into one of these for ages, previously a 100cc one - sadly that one was sold before i could even reach the seller. When this popped...
  6. Adrian

    Ownership Verified: Optimus "T?mus" Prime | '13 VW T5 180 BiTDI 4motion DSG

    Me being the practical disabled man that i am decided late 2010 to get myself a very practical little 8-series, as some of you may know. I have held on to, and will continue to hold on to, my beloved Ronja - but after two winters without a car it really was time to get something.. practical. So...
  7. Adrian

    Where did the soda go?

    As requested in the gif thread, where did the soda go?
  8. Adrian

    FinalGear Roadtrip Part Deux: Pardon my French - August 2nd-8th, 2013

    From the Pre-ringmeet Roadtrip 2012, taken on top of the Stelvio Pass After the roaring success that was the Pre-ringmeet Roadtrip 2012 (photo and recap thread (56k warning)), we invite you all to once again join our little epic adventure! The FinalGear Ringtrip 2013. An epic trek through...
  9. Adrian

    James May spotted Co-driving a Bentley, on a WRC rally stage

    Helicopter footage and everything.
  10. Adrian

    FinalGear Pre-ringmeet Roadtrip 2012: July 20-26th

    During the planning of this years ringmeet, the topic of a pre-ringmeet roadtrip was brought up. During the last couple of weeks a preliminary route has been thought out: This is still very much up for discussion. A trip along Germanys Route 500 has been discussed. Feel...
  11. Adrian

    Ownership Verified: Ronja R?vardotter - My BMW 850 CiA ('94, E31)

    Per request, a thread for my E31! :hump: - Ronja R?vardotter Some factory facts: Engine : 4990cc N/A SOHC V12. Transmission: Adaptive Automatic, 4-speed. Power: 340 BHP @ 5800 RPM (chipped) Torque: 500 Nm @ 2-3.5k RPM (Maks 560 @ 5k). Consumption: 11.3-12.50 langkj?ring, 20.00++ bykj?ring...