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  1. ChelsDS

    Drive up the California Coast

    I'm looking to drive up the California coast because I've never gone further than Santa Barbara. There are some places I would like to hit on my way up but I know there are more places out here that are well worth visiting. Not sure when I will be doing this trip but for sure in the next 6...
  2. ChelsDS

    FG Fitness Challenge

    FinalGear Fitness Challenge! Couch to 5k Pooch25k Designed to get your lard butt off your computer chair, couch, stool, toilet or other seating device and become active for the sake of health! This idea is a spinoff from the LoseIt community from Reddit aimed at FG'ers as we are a pretty close...
  3. ChelsDS

    Cars'n'Coffee - Irvine, CA

    This happens every Saturday morning at 6AM to 10AM where those who have the money or lucky enough to buy the best cars of today, best cars of the past or just classic cars. It's a free meet just don't touch the cars in the show area :) Sorry for some of the strange angles, there were a lot of...
  4. ChelsDS

    Outlook 2000 issues

    I use Outlook 2000 at work and yesterday it took a major shit. Meaning I lost all my emails along with the contact list I have. Read that if the .pst file goes over 2GB you're S.O.L. unless you trim down the file and surprise, my .pst was well over 2GB. Now, I was able to get it trimmed down to...
  5. ChelsDS

    2008 Scion xD

    2008 Scion xD SSM, very little modifications done since the car came out right before the financial woes of the US and then the world, hence not many parts. Mostly cosmetic changes. I have 18" Konig Maxxim Deadlines (rip offs of the Work XD9 :love: ), rear anti-sway bar, lowering springs, and a...