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  1. RobertRacer

    Clarkson: 1001 uses for Jeremy Clarkson

    201. Gas station assistant
  2. RobertRacer

    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    I had the same feel a few days ago (watching Season 18). But it lasted only a few hours. :|
  3. RobertRacer


    Hello, I'm Robert and I watched TopGear (the Original) since Summer 2014, not very long, but I like, love and life TopGear. :) But, I have to be honest, the first TopGear I watched was TopGear USA (no, I'm not American, but German) a few months before I found TopGear (UK). And TopGear around...
  4. RobertRacer

    What was your favorite epic race?

    Well, my favorite epic race (which I watched) was the Veyron vs Plane. But, if May could also fly in the Night, he'd have won it easily, that he had to land in France costed him the victory, but gained us more excitement about that race. ;)
  5. RobertRacer

    The Stig: 1001 Uses for The Stig

    Or in Genesis............... wait. - - - Updated - - - 169. Welsh
  6. RobertRacer

    What will you miss most about Top Gear?

    I'll miss everything about TG, especially ''General banter/cocking about'', Sabotages against each other (like that) and the Challenges/Races.
  7. RobertRacer

    The Stig: 1001 Uses for The Stig

    168. Professional Photobomber: