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  1. Ethan

    Survey: The Best Motorsport Driver of Our Generation

    Hey guys. Speaking with some friends, someone asked on who we believed it was the best motorsport driver of our generation. So, i'm putting the same question here. Who, do you believe, is the best motorsport driver of our generation? Here is the parameters: - Any kind of motorsport is...
  2. Ethan


    Currently, i'm working with a Dell official retailer for my homecountry. I want to know your feedback and experiences with your products Dell, sine some people here had our products Cheers!
  3. Ethan

    Merc Fans: I need your Help

    I need the full specification of the Mercedes Benz 190E DTM AMG version Thanks in advance
  4. Ethan

    Question about Lotus Europa

    Which model of the Europa is the one that Clarkson drives on the Car Years Here's a pic: I know that the Europa has circular headlamps but this one i can't define which Europa is
  5. Ethan

    Motivational Posters

    I guess you were expecting a long post that exhileratingly encourages all non-posting members of this forum to post. Sorry, and all that. Instead, create your own motivational poster!. I have already done a couple... Let us see yours.
  6. Ethan

    Clarkson on motorbike madness :P
  7. Ethan

    Clarkson bashing the Mustang,,12529-1794313,00.html Enjoy!
  8. Ethan

    Please Help

  9. Ethan

    Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

    I need a couple of animated Avatars: From the [06x08]: 05.49 - 05.59 (Ferrari F430 Going Sideways in slow motion) From the [06x09]: 53.06-53.10(Jeremy Presses the M button) + 53.18-53.24 (steering wheel, flappy paddle, etc) If is it possible all ino one And from [06x09]: 53.41-53.43 (M5...
  10. Ethan

    Official GT4 Nurburgring Nordscheliefe Lapboard Thread

    Checking the Official I got GT4 thread i came with the idea of doing a Lapboard with your best times in the Ring. It's simple: Pick your favorite GT4 car, do a lap and then take a picture of it and put it into this lapboard Here's Overheat's example, with a BMW M5, A Lister Storm LM and a...
  11. Ethan

    Converting .Wmv files into avi or Mpeg

    Any program is welcome here Thanks