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    James May Injured In 75 mph Crash

    nice title hysteria
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    As someone who used to edit video and some audio stuff, it angers me when people suck with audio balancing.
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    Still remember when one of the DB conductors was so confused as to why between the seating by the transfer doors, they were so confused and annoyed why people were crowded up after all the seats were taken. Train was an hour late, and you’re surprised it’s crowded midday?
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    ONE dollar per I’m assuming vehicle? Come on.
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    So, it’s raining all day today where I am currently, and I was behind somebody doing 50 km an hour in a 65 km an hour and would brake when a soft curve appeared, I got so pissed I pulled off and I’m sitting here waiting for the person to get off the road that I need to drive down. Because the...
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    International eMV

    It looks like those truck repair, cat repair, telephone or electric company trucks. None of those guys do just a job nearby and can easily exceed 125mi in a day.
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    International eMV

    Yeah, that range is low. Of course recharge time takes a while too, but how long does it take to fill a 50-70 gallon tank? Sure, it's not 90 minutes, but still. I don't see these taking off right away. But I hope it sells enough for them to keep making more as it's a good idea.
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    International eMV

    I witnessed last mile delivery trucks around Freiburg and Umkirch. It’s both weird not hearing a Diesel engine but nice not dealing with the exhaust smell. So I’m all for it, provided it doesn’t mean these guys that will drive them are inconvenienced.
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    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    I mean, when I was told 1-2 weeks for my residency paperwork to come back and it’s actually been 2.5 months is a great description of being ok with approximations, but only if it suits them and not you.
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    Random Thoughts [Home Improvement/Decorating Edition]

    So I had the idea to fix the jacuzzi portion of the tub in my master bathroom. When I moved in 7 years ago I tried it and it leaked down into the basement. So since I didn’t feel like I needed a working jacuzzi, just the tub was fine, I left it alone. But now I figured why not and try replacing...
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    Made some breakfast this morning, I liked how it turned out.
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    So I guess the season has started.
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    The Power Tools Thread

    Simple answer for the title question. Milwaukee has the M12 heated jacket, I don’t see why Makita shouldn’t make a battery coffee maker. That’s something I’d use at a campsite.
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    Random Thoughts....

    Seizures too! I’m not sure what the medicine is but, wow.
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    Sebastian Vettel Retires after 2022 Season I am bummed out, but with his career and the amount of wins he's got, hats off to him. Enjoy retirement at your age. Life is not about work. While I would love to see him race for many more years, I think this is a really good thing. Focus on your...
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Only if this was Random Thoughts (bike edition)
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Which would you choose? A Ford Ka, Dacia Sandero, or an Opel Astra G 2.0L? :D
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    Random Thoughts....

    Show us your cock.