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    Powerpoint handouts & printing help needed

    I'm always annoyed when I print a ppt presentation, in handout format. There is a ridiculous amount of space wasted, when you print e.g. 6 handouts on a page (say A4). The handout size is pretty small compared to what it could be. It should be easily possible to print 9 handouts on a page, with...
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    Season 8

    So what do we do, do we go on with racing every weekend or postpone things/take a bit of vacation? Seeing that this season, especially the last races had almost no participants, I'm puzzled whether it makes sense to go on with this. I'm also wondering about the lack of participation. - lfs is...
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    Time change, 17:00GMT

    Races will from now on start ONE hour earlier! Everything stays the same, race format etc, just the start of the races (and warm up before them) is brought forward by an hour, 17:00GMT!
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    Porsche 911 photomanipulation

    My first manipulation of such scale, spent a few hours on it. For some reason in the process I must have made some step which generated an incredible amount of noise. I guess either unsharp mask to the whole image by mistake instead of only 1 sector or some blending mode, no clue... Too bad...
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    Mag. scans, Steve Demmitt interview

    Found some scans on AccessPhoto, I think it's an interesting read. Though his technique may not be valued that much by (and is sometimes maybe a bit over the top for the taste of) some people I still think it's a worth reading. :)
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    New time?

    I'm just curious if you guys have been wondering about another time for the races. We don't have to change the current time, this is just more like a discussion to see if there is maybe a better time slot for our races. I personally would prefer if we raced a bit earlier by ~2-3hours. But I...
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    S6 2007/12/15 SO Classic R - TBO [2x35]

    Well this was something... :) And incredible last race, good finish to a good season. I'll start with the 1st race though. The extra weight was just killing me. I was really bad off the start, my tires got hot quicker then expected, and I was 1s off the pace. Pretty much everything and...
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    LFS Patch Y Setup Renamer

    As you may have noticed the way files are named is different in the new patch. So chances are you don't see your old setups in the new patch unless you rename them. I have the whole inferno setupfield, so renaming them manually isn't an option. There is a solution luckily...
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    Logos - Something new on the site

    Probably not the most exciting feature for you guys, but just an FYI about something new on the site. :) Most of these were done just for practice, but after I accumulated quite a few of them I thought I might as well put them together and release them for LFS skinning use. They were not...
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    Hong Kong "planet"

    Finally I had a go at this "planet" type of thing myself, used one of my Hong Kong panorama pictures as a base for it. Changed the colours of the original panorama obviously, to get a bit of "fire" look.
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    LFS GT - 3h Westhill, need 2 people for XFR

    Burnsy, FireFox and Mischief will enter this event with the FXR in the GT1 (GTRs) class. There are still spots for the GT2 class (XFR/UFR), which I'd be willing to participate in if another 2 people join me. The event is LFS GT. It's an endurance race, same as the MOE league only shorter...
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    S6 2007/11/24 AS Club

    Good weekend overall. Nice combo with some interesting wind forces... First pole in Q this season, wohoo! 1st race was ok, Burnsy overtook me at chicane entry, didn't think he'd make a move there but very well done! I couldn't keep up in the straights with the extra weight even with drafting...
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    Season 7 ideas/discussion

    So, here comes the question again. What should we do for next season. :) I?d propose something new. New as in having some ?theme? or something in that respect. The reason being is that I don?t know about you guys, but I need something ?cool? to keep me attached to LFS. There were no updates...
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    S6 2007/11/17 FE Club [2x40]

    Short track, hence many laps.
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    DST change - Time issues

    Just wanted to remind people that overhere in Europe the clock was set back few days ago with an hour. What that means for you I don't know, depends whether you use DST or not and which part on the earth you are on. Just a reminder & warning, post here if you are unsure what time races will...
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    S6 2007/10/27 FE Black R [2x10]

    Quite a good weekend, except throwing away the victory in 1st race when my phone rang last corner. :mad: That way I would've got 21 vs 18points for ff, now its 20 vs 19. 2points.... grrr Anyway, 1st race was nice, Q didn't go well but good for 2nd place. 5 laps very close after FF, I was...
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    Season 6 Rules

    Schedule Server Name: [FG] Racing Password: fg Server is up 24/7, unless there's some technical issue. Race Format Races, in particular the Qualifying starts officially at 18:00GMT. 1st Race: Spring, start based on qualifying, MUST pit, duration ~30min 2nd Race: Feature, start based on...
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    Weight Penalties

    Placeholder for weight penalties - who will start with how many kg extra - as long as someone does the points. :) Btw, what happens when 2 people get equal points, like last race FF and me, e.g.? Do we make it each with an average, (60+30)/2 = 45kg? Or both with 60, then someone with 30 and...
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    Generate file listing - list contents of a folder

    This has been requested quite a few times - how do I list the contents of a folder in a txt file - with the usual response of using a cmd approach. Needed this today again, and since I never exactly remember the command in cmd, I googled once again, but by mistake found something interesting. I...
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    Free stock photos - where?

    Does anyone know a decent photo site, which offers free stock photos for non commercial use? I need some pictures for future flyers, posters etc (non commercial), but I'm struggling to find good quality nice pictures - both quality wise, and from a photographic point of view. There are tons of...