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  1. Silverstar

    Auto critic quits due to his Chrysler 200 review alteration

    Well we all would suspect from a hyped up commercial. Someone calls the car out on it's flaws and gets silenced.!5782691/how-the-detroit-news-sold-its-soul Thought this was interesting enough to make it over to FG :mrgreen:
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    Was gifted a pair of 35mm cameras!

    A friend of mine is heading off to work for a station in Montana, and had a bunch of stuff that he wanted to give away. One of which was a old camera bag with two cameras in it. I instantly accepted without even looking at it :lol: So I got home, pulled the cameras out and did some research...
  3. Silverstar

    Old family pics, what is this car?

    My grandfather after getting out of the USAF stayed in England with his wife and worked for a newspaper. Found a load of photos today and this one caught my eye...what car is this? Hopefully the creases over the emblem doesn't hinder any car gurus from helping me out...thanks!:D
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    My 2011 Impreza STI...3rd time's a charm.

    Links: First good pics Video Walkaround Well, it's been a great run with my '08 STI, even with all the problems I ran into (trans fix, ECM/BCM replacement, paint chip recall/repaint, moisture in the rear taillights, hail storm this summer) was a good car but I became further disconnected...
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    Boost/Vac Readings way off

    Alrighty, I posted a thread on NASIOC...and well frankly I didn't get much help from them in the past week about it, so I pose this question to my good friends here. This is at idle, Foot resting on pedal to ensure that it is reading This is after being in for the transmission work, and...
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    Acting Legend Paul Newman, dies at 83

    Source Very sad, I had just gotten Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid and The Color of Money last week. Both totally awesome movies. The man with the piercing blue eyes, R.I.P. Paul :cry:
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    Going to NFL game, safe with camera?

    Just got tickets to a Minnesota Vikings game in September, totally psyched about it. Got lower section on the 50yd line from season ticket holders which will hopefully be a great game. Now of course I want to take my camera, but here are the rules for the stadium: ------------ Cameras Fans are...
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    DSLR mirror cleaning?

    Well guys, the D40 has been great to me so far..but I am noticing I am getting specks on the mirror. I'm guessing it's mostly from when I am in the car switching out lenses while I am taking shots of storms, and though I am as quick as possible to switch..always those couple seconds that it's...
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    George Carlin has passed away All I really have to say is...God Damn It. Rest peacefully George...I know the great theatre in the sky is lined up around the corner to see the show.:cry:
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    No 56k: The Floods of 2008

    Well, it's been about a week now since the floods washed through here. I would have never thought I would see any flooding on this scale so close to where I live. I'm sure many of you, stateside and international, have gotten a glimpse of the damage from aerial shots and bits of pictures. But I...
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    Finally, 1000 posts!

    Took me a lot longer than some..I hope I don't get in trouble for this, but I want to be special for a day like the others before me! :spam::spam::spam::spam::spam::spam::spam::spam: Thanks for having me here, I hope for another 1000 in my future! :thumbsup:
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    Ready to step up to DSLR

    I know I know, there is about 5 threads on this page about buying DSLR cameras, but I'd like to give you all my choices and a few questions. My current camera is a Panasonic Lumix TZ1. It's been a great camera so far, taken about 3000 pictures with it in about 1 1/2 years having it. But I've...
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    Another Ferrari bites it, in Iowa!

    Was downtown today just getting gas to head to the Quad Cities, and got slowed down a bit in the downtown area of town at the U.S. Cellular Center (our only proper arena). Saw a bunch of cops, firetrucks, schoolbuses ect... so I thought some kid pulled a fire alarm there during a...
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    Farewell to the F-117

    Article It was very unique plane. I got to see the last flight of one of the F-117's which had the flag painted underbelly at the Edwards AFB air show a couple years back, got some good pictures of it stored away. It's good to know that they'll be stored very contently at Tonopah, ready to...
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    My 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

    Well, I got it on March 6th, traded my '06 STI in for it. So far this car is great, this redesign really grew on my from my first looks at it. From my first thoughts of "bleh, what did they do to it!?" to "wow, I think this car looks pretty awesome TBH" :mrgreen: So far this is the only couple...
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    I got the freakin' car!!!

    I hope this warrants it's own thread :D Ok, well I said that I was pretty bummed out when I got the call saying it was delayed for another two weeks, and that there was another one already in the showrooms. But I got a phone call at about 9am. Thought meh, just someone calling me and I'll get...
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    Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles [Stay out to avoid spoilers]

    Well I've been looking forward to this show, not only because I've missed seeing Summer Glau since Fox was stupid and got rid of an awesome in Firefly, but I've always wanted to hear more about the story behind Skynet. Movies are good, but not always good to get the whole story. What does...
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    I made a bold move...

    After much deliberation with myself, scowering the interwebnets for as much even-keel/non over-opinionated info as possible, I went down to the dealer today and.... ....pre-ordered the 2008 STI :mrgreen: Got in line for the ones guaranteed to be here before March 31st, that are coming with the...
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    My new project car: 1990 Mustang GT

    Engine & Transmission completed, car running on Sept. 3, 2008 Well after conflicting myself for a year or so, trying to think of whether or not to mod the STI, I decided to buy a project car to keep myself from breaking the Subaru. It's a 1990 Ford Mustang GT, 25th anniversary with the well...
  20. Silverstar

    Gears of War: Movie

    Totally360 article ActionTrip Article I guess this is news from earlier April, but I just found a website giving out info about it. Could this turn out to be a good one? Or another failed adaptation?:blink: