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  1. DubyaStep

    Special Request for a small Logo set

    Ok, what im looking for a is a logo set for a baseball team, its for the Game MLB 14 The Show. I was trying to do it myself but i know dick about photoshop so i didnt get far. The game has an ingame logo maker but its allowing us to import them this tear for the first time so i want to make it...
  2. DubyaStep

    Cadillac Estill concept car

    Here i was thinking that these kind of concepts were gone. Maybe i havnt picked up a magazine in years that contained that section of concepts that you look at and think "very cool but very not ever gonna happen". Unless your a small child, nobody looks at these cars and thinks of them in the...
  3. DubyaStep

    American GM Adverts

    Edit: sorry ahead of time. im no writer but i hope i get my point across. So, just wanted to discuss this and get peoples input. im not an expert in this Field or anything, just have been noticing this and wondered if i was the only one. Has anyone else noticed that GM commercials, mostly...
  4. DubyaStep

    2012 NHL Off-Season and Pre-Season Thread

    Sorry, i have dropped the ball here. Here is a proper thread for the rest of the off season and i also made it a pre season thread just in case i drop the ball again :( On that note, Tampa is looking good so far. Dont know alot about our new goalie but i hear i should hagve faith in him because...
  5. DubyaStep

    China Original Car Designs

    Well, ran into this today online and after a brief search of FG, i see it hasnt been posted yet so here you go! Seems china has designed the new Ford F-150 a new truck that reminds me of nothing american! So, forgive me if this thread exists but i didnt think it would hurt to start one if it...
  6. DubyaStep

    F1 Modeling

    So, after literally days of thought, i have decided to put this thread here in F1 where people could really appreciate it. Fell free to move it if needed. Truth be told, i couldnt find a suitable area for it/ Anyways, ran into these great German made Revell model kits online a few moths ago and...
  7. DubyaStep

    Ownership Verified: Sik-Ponys '08 VW GLI Project

    So, picked up a new car this weekend to replace the 400HP Mustang i was driving 200 miles a day. Yes, i know these are not my photos but i will post some soon. Basically the car looks EXACTLY like this though this picture just does it no justice. As some of you may remember, i was asking for...
  8. DubyaStep

    PS3 Issue

    (i searched but found nothing) so, i have been playing online with no issues untill one night i set up a LAN game and now ever since, all my PS3 online stuff like passwords and purchases have to be redone for every login. I dont mean to log into the network itself, i mean for example when i go...
  9. DubyaStep

    2011-2012 NHL Regular Season Thread

    ITS HERE!!! So, lets start by leaving our predictions for the season: MVP: Stanley Cup: East Champs: West Champs: You fill in the rest, lol, im to lazy today.
  10. DubyaStep

    Car Idea's?

    Ok, so im car shopping, have been for a few weeks now but i just cant find anything i like. As most of you know i am still open for an Audi A-4 S-Line but i have started looking at a VW CC and GTI's as well as a possible settle on a CLS (i cant get a Passat because some old people in my family...
  11. DubyaStep

    Michael Schumacher: ?I?m the problem?

    Wow, didnt see this coming, im surprised a little to see him humble like this. If he feels this way then i hope we either see him "turn it up" or go home and call it a career. Hulkenburg or Senna need that ride IMO Link
  12. DubyaStep

    A Compromise

    So, we read alot of complaints on here after almost every show about how "that wasnt a proper test" or "nobody here can afford that car" or even "they wasted 10 minutes of my life with that film". well, i wanted to throw out something very simple that came to me while i was "doing paperwork". A...
  13. DubyaStep

    Did that just happen?!?

    (wasnt sure if this fit here but F&^% it) i figure it could also fit in the Awesome Thread as well maybe...Anyways, here goes! So, as most may know, i live in a town called casselberry in Florida and that is just east of a very shitty town called Orlando. I often drive to Tampa on weekends to...
  14. DubyaStep

    2011 NHL Off Season

    Ok, so, the cup has been handed out and its time for awards, the draft and free agents. Any predictions? as far as the awards, all i care about is Marty St Louis win MVP Free Agents, well, the only thing people in Tampa want to see is that we go get Brad Richards back, if they do that then...
  15. DubyaStep

    2013 engine changes approved, but postponement possible

    I feel this deserves its own thread so, here we go. This is from what do you guys think? I hate the fact that we may end up with a four-banger that only revs to 12000. Just doesnt seem very "F1-ish" if you know what i mean. Is this something that will make it through? Why? Link
  16. DubyaStep

    Rangers forward Boogaard dead at age 28

    Im saddened. No matter your sport or nationality i know everyone feels stuff like this. to early to tell what happened but there really is only 2 things i can guess, either Suicide (i doubt) or something related to head trauma. Im really doubting drugs, he was a good man. Link
  17. DubyaStep

    F1 HRT Sponsor Attempt?

    So, this one has been briefly (jokeingly) discussed on the Chinese GP thread. Its simple, if we had/have the means, who would be willing to put in on a atleast one race deal to get the FG logo on an HRT car? (granted Mr Viper approves) If so How Much do you think we would need to raise? DAMN...
  18. DubyaStep

    2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

    So, here we go! Hockeys second season! 2 weeks left to go so let start with who do you think will make the final spots and who will win? EAST 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) West 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Conference Finals= Cup Finals= Cup Winners= Here is the way i see it: EAST 1) Washington 2)...
  19. DubyaStep

    Favorite FinalGearers Sports

    So, i just thought it would be cool to see what everyone was into. i was noticing how certain threads pertaining to leagues didnt have as many post as some others so i got y to wondering. What im looking for here is your TOP sport, the one you like the most. Please feel free to tell us why as...