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  1. killpanda

    Ownership Verified: 2017 Mazda3 Sport GS

    As our settling in Vancouver continues, we finally got wheels! Here's my new to me 2017 Mazda3 Sport GS! Only ~28k km, the safety features that make the insurance company happy and the CarPlay / Android Auto retrofit. We had the choice between this one and a red one of the same vintage, but...
  2. killpanda

    Help me pick a car for 5 to 10k CAD

    Hey all! So I'm preparing a move to Toronto, hopefully within the next few months, and that means I'll be looking for a car there. My wife will be driving it too, she only has an automatic license here in HK, but Ontario doesn't seem to care so she'll get a license to drive manual too. With...
  3. killpanda

    Using film, I think I might have done it wrong somehow...

    Well, I think the picture speaks for itself really: :'(
  4. killpanda

    Audi Goldenport Motor Park Beijing

    Hi all, I went to a track day event last week in Beijing. I was told there were tons of expensive exotics last year and was a bit disappointed in that regard (I think they may have come on the second day of the event, for which I couldn't go...). Anyway, I shot a few pictures and figured some of...
  5. killpanda

    The "Not At Home" thread

    As some of you know, I'm originally from France and in my time on this forum I lived in Peru, Canada and now China. Anybody else not living in his original country? It would be fun to keep track of everybody :-)
  6. killpanda

    Driving in Canada!

    Hi guys! :-) Nothing is sure yet, but it seems I'm going to stay in Canada for while (hopefully I'll get a job and a work permit quickly ;-)). So with this comes a few questions: 1 - Even if I don't really need a car (I don't know that yet), if I stay I really want one. My French driving...
  7. killpanda

    Top Gear to go HD!

    Top Gear to go HD At last! (I don't think this is spoiler as it doesn't tell us what is going to be in the new series, but if you think this is, feel free to move it :-))
  8. killpanda

    Your computer history!

    Post here all of your computer history, past and present (and future if you want ;-)). I have a mountain of computers at home ( but I will just post the ones I really used as most of them are for my nerdy collection. 1 - Apple Macintosh LC -...
  9. killpanda

    The "what would you buy" World Edition thread

    I know we already have the eBay and craigslist thread but this one has a twist and I don't think we have one like that (feel free to correct me however). Here you can post whatever you would buy from whatever website, wherever you are and for whatever price. Let's start with some Peruvian...
  10. killpanda

    I'm going to die...

    And this is only in the university where I do my internship, it's even worse where I live! Now I understand why my task is to try to improve their network :-D
  11. killpanda

    Coming to San Francisco in a few days!

    Hi there, I'll be coming for San Francisco in a few days for my school and was wondering if people who live there knew some places where I could stay for a few weeks really quite cheaply. My school is paying me the hotel for two weeks but then I stay until mid-June to assist the Apple WWDC and...
  12. killpanda

    2006 Ford Fiesta S 1.6 TDci

    So my good old Fiesta is gone, here is the new one : It's the 'S' model so basically a ST with a 1.6l TDci engine rather than the big 2.0l petrol, 16" alloys rather than the big 17" alloys and slightly softer suspensions. The suspensions are stiffer than my old Fiesta so I have to get...
  13. killpanda

    My first "Need new TV" thread

    So my family wants to buy a new TV to replace the old TV we already got in our veranda. The main reason is that the old one takes too much space so we want to buy a flat screen LCD TV, but as space really can be an issue, we don't want anything too big like a 26/32" TV. So I was looking at the...
  14. killpanda


    I was wondering something the other day. You know when you just drove your car and you standat its side after, you hear a small ticking noise (tictictic...), I've noticed it does it only on petrol powered cars, why is that ?
  15. killpanda

    2001 Ford Fiesta 1.8TDdi Ghia :-)

    Here's my beloved Fiesta, I bought it a couple of years ago with my brother and were sharing it for our studies ( in the same town ). Things have changed since a few months and we are now in separate town so he bought a new car and I kept this one. It has a massive 1.8 turbo diesel engine which...