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  1. Carsightings

    bye you mean people

    you are ok ;) i always liked you. but members are posting compliats against me behind my back to the forum managers, someone hacked my account, i am banned form the photography compitions etc etc. i dont need to put up with this shit.
  2. Carsightings

    bye you mean people

    i am leaving for good. i am sure you mean cold people will be happy. bye.
  3. Carsightings


  4. Carsightings

    whats going on in this picture?

    look at the mirror
  5. Carsightings

    whats going on in this picture?

    anything strange? mod edit (SL65) - If you want to see a naked picture of Carsightings, add the HTTP in the image link :P
  6. Carsightings

    Lens Flair

    good old dr pepper i can wait to get to the usa and have some :)
  7. Carsightings

    American Le Mans: Portland Grand Prix TEASER

    awsome photos! thanks for posting.
  8. Carsightings

    Lens Flair

    always look at every part of each picture ;) stay sharp.
  9. Carsightings

    Ceiling Cat

  10. Carsightings

    Lens Flair

    yeah the black one. i just love dodge rams :)
  11. Carsightings

    Lens Flair

    nice dodge ram
  12. Carsightings

    Ceiling Cat

    where do you get those pictures? they are so funny :lol:
  13. Carsightings

    If you had the money...would you buy a VEYRON?

    i would rather get a db9 an amg mercedez an m5 and some suv as a daily driver.
  14. Carsightings

    British International Motor Show 2006

    awsome photos!
  15. Carsightings

    Lens Flair

  16. Carsightings

    My trip to Germany - Update! -{part 4}

    more carsightings from Germany: more pictures here: enjoy :wink:
  17. Carsightings

    Panasonic's 103-incher gets model, price 70,000

    ZO6 please since i have a a 60 inch plasma 8)
  18. Carsightings

    Need help for next photo contest

    I would be happy to do it but i dont think i will be allowed :(
  19. Carsightings

    350Z shoot (Critique pleaes)

    awsome car :thumbsup: