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  1. Carsightings

    bye you mean people

    i am leaving for good. i am sure you mean cold people will be happy. bye.
  2. Carsightings

    whats going on in this picture?

    anything strange? mod edit (SL65) - If you want to see a naked picture of Carsightings, add the HTTP in the image link :P
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    getting a head unit that is ipod ready

    since we are getting a new car we are also getting a new head unit since the one in it is rubbish. We will get it while in the usa this august. a must have feature is "iPod Ready". i saw that most of these iPod Ready head units have a cable at the back which i dont like. I want a port at the...
  4. Carsightings

    What wheel should I get for my PS2?

    I saw this topic: with the awsome Logitech G25 but that wont be out until October :thumbsdown: I need to get something while I am in america in August. I saw this on amazon ...
  5. Carsightings

    Real life cars in GTA? saw this site with real cars that you can use in GTA. Is this for the pc only? or can it work on the ps2? thanks.
  6. Carsightings

    Need help with before getting a new laptop

    So as most of you know i am going to america in a few weeks. While I am there I want to get myself a new laptop. The things it must have: - 1 Gb of RAM - 80 Gb hard drive or more - 15.4 inch screen or more - at least 2 hours of use on each charge - it must look good - as for graphics about...
  7. Carsightings

    Going to america for 3.5 weeks!

    So on August 1st I will be flying to Massachusetts and I will be staying in Boston for 2 weeks. After that I will fly to New York and then I will fly to Washington D.C. In N.Y i will go to: Central Park,Wall Street,Times Square,Empire State Building,Ground Zero, Fifth Avenue, the Brooklyn...
  8. Carsightings

    GT4 question

    I know you can transfer your photos from the game onto a disk on key (usb stick) but can you transfer the lap replay? i know you can save the lap replay but can you transfer it onto the usb stick and watch it on the computer? thanks.
  9. Carsightings

    does anyone know a good photography forum?

    i need to ask some technical questions and i need some advince on new accesories i want to get. so do you know of a good photography forum? thanks.
  10. Carsightings

    the topgear bbc radio show on ep {08x02}

    can i download the full radio show? thanks :)
  11. Carsightings

    RS MMC DV is it any differant from a RS MMC?

    well as the title says - are RS MMC DV memory cards any differant from RS MMC cards? thanks.
  12. Carsightings

    new sybian cell phone - need some help finding sofotware

    i just got a new nokia 6630 with the sybian operating system. I was wondering if anyone has some sites with free software,themes,games etc. thanks.
  13. Carsightings

    What 5 cars do you need in your life?

    well just a something i was thinking about. When i am rich i plan on owning 5 cars at a time. they will be for 5 differant uses: 1. A supercar 2. Track car 3. A 4x4 for going off road 4. daily driver 5. a mad car for me it would go like this: 1. As a supercar it would have to be the slr. I...
  14. Carsightings

    Stupid enviormentalists have invaded my school! (Post whatever here..)

    [This thread turned into a shit box, so just post whatever the hell you want until this thread gets closed in 8 hours.] Jesus! A bunch of enviormnentalists have invaded my high school! They didnt come in for the day they are here for the week! 3 hours a day of their crazy shit! What they...
  15. Carsightings

    My trip to Germany - Update! -{part 4}

    first update from my trip to Germany! I have about 3000 photos! 8) 8) 300sl :D not to rare at all! :lol: nice m5 ! more here:
  16. Carsightings

    Can I come back?

    I have given a lot of thinking to what i have done. What i did was wrong and unfair. However, I have decided to change my ways. I will never! steal others work and i will stop opening stupied topics. do you think you can take me back? please let me know what you think. thanks :)
  17. Carsightings

    Goodbye dear forum

    THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR FLAMING. POSTS DOING SO WILL BE DELETED AND THE USER WARNED OR POSSIBLY BANNED!!! -Viper Edit #2 by Viper: Oh, and incase you missed it, this was the tipping point: I just want to say that i am leaving and i...
  18. Carsightings

    Automotor car show -SLR,CLK 55 AMG,Gallardo,RR Phantom...

    I was at automotor today - Israels main car show. here are the photos: RR Phantom :) gallardo 8) jaguar :thumbsup: SLR :twisted: SLR + suprize :) without the SLR : enjoy ;) more pictures here: and...
  19. Carsightings

    just got a Ipod 30gb!- need help

    how can i transfer top gear onto my ipod? thanks.
  20. Carsightings

    How Riceboy Are You?

    Take the test and find out. :lol: