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  1. leviathan

    Roadtrip 2022: Czechia Self Before You Rakija Self

    Can confirm, wine was actually good and (along with other things) made the evening on top of Stelvio quite enjoyable. It may also have or have not contributed to events that happened to me on the following morning, which directly lead into the last picture. The food in Switzerland's smallest...
  2. leviathan

    Ringmeet 2022 - Back to the Backup Campsite! - August 11th - 15th

    I have paid via PayPal a little while back. Unfortunately, as already mentioned on Telegram, I have to cancel my Ringmeet participation due a medical issue that may or may not have been caused by the overnight stay at Stelvio. Instead I get to stay at the smallest hospital in Switzerland for a...
  3. leviathan

    International eMV

    That is huge for trucks. Especially ones that make a lot of stops - last mile and esp. package/mail delivery, garbage collection, and public transport / buses. Using regen braking there is an enormous advantage - lots of energy regained to be put back into acceleration, no brake wear, less noise...
  4. leviathan

    The Apple Silicon discussion and experience thread

    Performance-wise may be, but 16GB is kinda limiting for doing many "actual work" tasks nowadays, and will certainly become a bottleneck a couple years down the line. I'd absolutely invest in 24 for future-proofing.
  5. leviathan

    The "New Toys" Thread

    There are Mac layouts from other manufacturers, most popular keyboards have a Mac variant. Should be easy enough to find one by Logitech, Cherry or some other usual suspect.
  6. leviathan

    3D Printing

    After a recent move I got the 3D printers on a cabinet that I wanted to use as storage for related stuff, and wanted to store my filament in a way so I can quickly sort through and access rolls, as I change them rather often. Came up with this simple design made of two aluminum tubes, mounted on...
  7. leviathan

    Ownership Verified: The wait was long enough: leviathan's Tesla Model 3 Performance

    This has been a while. Not terribly much to report - car's been doing fine, no issues in the past year worth talking about. Since last week the car now lives outside of my new apartment, right down under the bedroom window. I even installed a WiFi repeater in the room to get it into coverage -...
  8. leviathan

    Ringmeet 2022 - Back to the Backup Campsite! - August 11th - 15th

    Awesome! I've booked an AirBnB in the village where we had the Saturday dinner last time, no tent for me this time around. Arriving on Friday with the roadtrip group, so Fri-Mon, car only, no camping.
  9. leviathan

    The Space Thread!

    I don't usually post memes, but this is too fitting :D
  10. leviathan

    Unverified Ownership Ringmeet fashion accessory - MX-5 NB

    Congrats, this is awesome! Looking forward to this at Ringmeet.
  11. leviathan

    Unverified Ownership NooDle’s EV take 2 : The Mullet (Kia EV6)

    I don't think I've seen any that do that. Model 3 switches automatically at sunset/sunrise, I believe the C-class and the A5 I had before both did the same. Fixed time is a bit weird, given how much variation in daylight there is between seasons.
  12. leviathan

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    Turn off WiFi, DNS and everything on the provided router, turn it into a dumb modem with an ethernet jack, roll your own stuff behind it? Or is it locked down to not allow any of that? In which case I'd probably riot.
  13. leviathan

    Our "own" car reviews

    "How do design a car using nothing but another car and the Photoshop scaling tool". A friend has picked up his 5-day-old (from production date) made-in-Berlin Tesla Model Y Performance. So of course we had to park them next to each other. I also got a decent test drive out of it. This won't be...
  14. leviathan

    Random thoughts.... [Tech Edition]

    The M1 Air should come down in price a bit now that the M2 model is out. There have been good deals out there even before, I'd hold out for one with 16GB. 8GB is just not futureproof imho, especially with the workloads you're describing.
  15. leviathan

    iPhone / iOS Thread

    If the other phone is also an iPhone, it can be transferred as part of the initial setup / data transfer from the old one to the new. For any other phone, what eizbaer said - theoretically you can just re-use the QR code the carrier sends your for the first-time eSIM setup on the new phone, and...
  16. leviathan

    Ownership Verified: Another Tesla lurking in the shadows...

    The cleanest my brakes have ever been was after 2 Ring laps at Ringmeet. Just saying :p
  17. leviathan

    Ownership Verified: Another Tesla lurking in the shadows...

    Same thing happened to me - brakes have visible grooves, and there are some threads on TFF forums that TÜV rejects them as defects sometimes. My car went through fine, however they did remark that especially the rear disks are an issue and will probably fail the next TÜV in two years in this...
  18. leviathan

    Unverified Ownership NooDle’s EV take 2 : The Mullet (Kia EV6)

    18 for this size of car is not high, especially with a lot of highway :) Sounds like a pretty good overall experience so far! And yes, it does look awesome in the rain.
  19. leviathan

    Forum Suggestions/Issues

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Saved for the right occasion :D Also I support the DÖNER request.