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    vBulletin Security Hole

    Hello, I just learned from a mass email from another forum that there is a security hole in a vBulletin, and accounts were compromised usernames and passwords were accessed on that website. From what I know so far it only involves vBulletin Versions 4.0+ this forum runs 4.2.0. I am...
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    what song?

    when ever they are in the shop building something they play that upbeat music. anyone know the name of it?
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    Video to be shown in art class(Top Gear WON!)

    So, I have this extra credit opportunity, easy enough. All I need to do is link a youtube video and explain briefly in two sentences describing what the clip shows(has to be related to art) So instantly came to me was Top gear's art gallery/exhibition...
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    PSA: Dog/Cat Owners Click on Review and put the Brand name in and look for your food. If they dont have your food listed, take a look at the different foods from your brand. If they are all rated poorly, then you can guess yours is too. Cats and Dogs site...
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    Tire Comparison Episode

    Any one remember what Episode was the tire comparison was on?
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    How to kill a supercar Underwater, Literally, With a $2 Million Bugatti By RICHARD S. CHANG Eddie Griffin might finally be off the hook for the most ridiculous crash in a priceless supercar. On Wednesday, a man drove a Bugatti Veyron into a lagoon in Texas after avoiding...
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    My Infiniti G35 aka Nissan Skyline 350gt

    Here are some pics of my car I took at the track best 1/4 mile I ran was 14.5, I was uber unprepared 3/4 tank of gas and no weight savings hehe And unfortunately is manumatic :lol: So far,removed pinstripe,clear corners, Z-Tube intake, Synthetic Oil, more mods to come :P Thanks for...