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    Ford Fusion or Elantra GT?

    So my 2013 Accord was destroyed by hail this past week so going car shopping this weekend. Main 2 contenders are a 2014 Ford Fusion titanium AWD with all the options and 18k miles for $20k Or a 2016 Elantra GT $26k before dealer discounts. I loved my old f150 and I beat the hell out of it...
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    Need a decent outdoor bluetooth rechargable speaker

    I know there is a lot of audio junkies in here. Looking to get my dad a Bluetooth rechargeable speaker that he can put out by the pool and hook to his iPhone via Bluetooth must be internal battery rechargeable must be decent sound volume pool is 35 feet long need to hear on the far side water...
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    Day old P1 wrecked in Dallas Bah wont let me edit title
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    another Enzo crashed by an mechanic A Ferrari Enzo had a bit of a spin and smashed into the divider on Interstate-95 in Connecticut this morning, thus ruining your commute. But hey, at least you get to stare at a smashed-up Enzo. It's not exactly...
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    Any HVAC people on here?

    My AC died and need some input on getting a new one. I currently have a Carrier 38yxa 5 ton 13 seer unit single stage?,2733,CLI1_DIV41_ETI4926_NBD_PRD710,00.html Quote 1 is for a carrier 5 ton 13 seer model unknown for $6900 Quote 2 is for...
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    In London from 4-10 to 4-13 what are must sees

    My wife and I are going on a short trip to London from 4-10 to 4-13 and looking for ideas of things to do. Was in London back in 2012 but do to catching the flu I didn't do a lot. Red bus tour, tower bridge, and Stone Henge. Staying in Bloomsbury. Going to be a short/fast pace trip land at 12...
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    Lexus IS or Infitity G35-7 or other

    Ok, I am thinking of selling my boat and if I do that I will sell my truck also. I currently own a 2003 F150 but the only reason I have that is due to needing to tow the boat. Well I am looking for something sporty that also has a nice ride in the 20-40k range. So my options include alot of...
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    Which of clarksons dvds is this in

    I thought i had seen every one of clarksons dvds but the one he states that the f355 is the best car of all time which video is that from?