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    Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

    Thank you!
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    Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

    Hello Could someone please make an avatar-sized gif of the bear in this video? Eternal thanks in advance to anyone who could make this happen!
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    Will ya have a cup of tea Father? Ah ya will!
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    Cool Videos

    Don't front, you know it's cool!
  5. K Makes Video Clips UK Only

    Thanks for this! Is there anything similar that will work for the BBC Sport videos?
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Let's go BRUINS!
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    F1 on the BBC

    It really is cool. I moved from the UK to Canada just as last season was ending and was so disappointed with the coverage on Canadian TV compared to the coverage in Britain. I watched the race online through the BBC's internet feed, it's so much better than anything else!
  8. K

    F1 on the BBC

    I can't believe no-one has mentioned David Croft, he really is excellent on Radio Five Live. When I heard that F1 was going to be back on BBC I was really hoping that he'd be commentating, especially seeing as he is already under contract with the BBC. Oh well, at least there are no more...
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    A Card for Richard Hammond - your messages for him.

    Richard, Your enthusiasm and obvious love for what you do make it a joy to watch you at work. You don't have to know someone to be able to tell that they are a nice guy, you are definately one of the good guys. I all hope and pray that you pull through, make a full recovery and go for a drive...
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    Trying to explain the Alfa Romeo position.....

    This just in: Some people like certain cars, other people like different cars. More as we get it.
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    Top Gear Presenters hijack Local radio!

    The best I have found so far is a 'best of' from Southern Counties website!