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    Top Gear Injuries

    With James having a nasty fall in the Patagonia special, I got to thinking about every instance of a presenter being injured on the show. Here's my list; am I forgetting anything? 4x03: Jeremy breaks his thumb crashing his ?100 Volvo 6x07: Jeremy slips two discs in his back, blames it on...
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    Clarkson: Jeremy's Community Swimming Pool Makes Waves

    PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS A POLITICAL THREAD For those who remember, back in Series 6 Jeremy kindly offered to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the recently renovated Chipping Norton swimming pool (or Chippy Lido, as the locals say apparently). Being Jeremy, he made a bit of a horlicks...
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    I Found the Cool Wall!

    The BBC turned it into a climate change debate board: You can check out the video here: "Panorama brought together leading 'environmental sceptic' Bjorn Lomborg to meet Bob Ward, of the London School of Economics, who...
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    Series 15 Dates--World Cup

    I was just rewatching Series 8 and it it occurred to me that the World Cup will once again land right in the sweet spot of the summer series. Of course back then they started in May, so the month off in the middle wasn't such a big deal. But now that they would normally be starting the new...
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    Where's Jezza?

    No columns or car reviews for a few weeks now. The Sunday Times didn't stop publishing new ones online did they?
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    Just saw Adam Corolla for the first time

    He was just on the Leno show. He's AWFUL. Terrible. Irritating and not funny. Jay was obviously annoyed with him. He would have completely soiled the TG name and I'm glad NBC didn't pick up the show.
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    James May: James Scirocco Jingle MP3?

    Is there an MP3 of the whole James May jingle out there somewhere? Back when he made the car-exhaust version of the themesong I think put up a download of the whole thing, with no audience. I hope this comes out eventually because it has the promise of hilarity.
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    What happened to JC's Sun column?

    I used to read Clarkson's weekly sun column by going to News and then there was a link called Columnists under which his latest column was listed. I can't find that now for some reason--does anyone know how to access it?