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  1. Toneh

    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    Being in America, and having lived in the south (specifically Alabama for 7 years) I found it hilarious. There was only one part I didn't like. I won't tell you what it was, but I will give you a hint. I was eating my dinner during it. Keyword was :p I was impressed overall, I really liked...
  2. Toneh

    To Ease The Pain

    I did a comedy one with a Pontiac Bonneville.. Was quite a laugh. I kept calling it a Benzo, but aye good vids.. keep it up! can't wait to see more to get that twitch out of me.
  3. Toneh

    Photoshop your own Stig!!

    I'm too lazy to edit it properly.. "Some say, his parents are accomplished farmers" It didn't come out as good as I hoped it would :cry: Tom Clancy's Splinter Stig, sounds better. Edit: THERE! "Some say he's a secret agent doing secretive government work all over the world in the most...
  4. Toneh

    TopGear - The Battlefield 2 Parody

    I can see it now.. Bugatti Veyron Vs. a Titan :lol:
  5. Toneh

    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    I will cry myself to sleep everyday.. :cry:
  6. Toneh

    Very Offensive Times Article

    She had a bad childhood, and she was just waiting for a moment like this to burst in fury for those bad memories. Instead of writing this paper she should seek counciling! :bangin:
  7. Toneh

    Now that we've got the dough, what should we get hamster?

    Seems like a nice idea.
  8. Toneh

    Now that we've got the dough, what should we get hamster?

    Inside the helmet should be a tooth whitening kit and some other things here and there =| as well as our letters folded up!
  9. Toneh


    heya. I'm Toneh :P Michigan I own a 2000 firebird.. (V6) :wave:
  10. Toneh

    top gear cd finalgear style

    *Jumps on the bandwagon* hey hey hey! throw me a PM haha <3 you guys =)
  11. Toneh Richard Hammond Fund

    I'm poor, I just spent my last dollars on gas (I was shocked to see the prices were so low) books cost me too much, I would otherwise love to donate.. if I ever get any cash ill donate immediately. We should buy him a hamster wheel. With some whitening strips hanging from a string. 8)
  12. Toneh

    The British media's attitude regarding the accident

    No matter what it is, the news could talk about a person winning the gold medal and breakin the world record, and somehow it will end in terror and horror. The news (no matter what country) enjoys blowing things out of the water, and point the blame at the person himself, or something stupid...
  13. Toneh

    A Card for Richard Hammond - your messages for him.

    Hammond get well soon! Me and my brother (who is 10 years old) thinks your awsome! Keep pressin the gad pedal down that recovery road, don't let this slow you down with your (always) witty and laughable remarks! :thumbsup: Lansing, Michigan