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    Can someone explain whe whole Sky and BBC thing to me?

    I am confused why some races are released as Sky and some BBC. I like Eddie, David and the other striking individual during the pre race show. Lately all that it has been is Sky with Martin, Damon and the others. I noticed on one of the BBC releases during the pre show, I think it was David, ran...
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    Just rewatched the 2005 USA GP.

    I forgot how much of a clusterfuck that race was. It was surreal. You could tell Bernie had no control or knew what the fuck to do and all the drivers and team principals were furious. I couldn't imagine being Button or one of the other racers having to hold their tongue because of retaliation...
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    Concorso Ferrari 11'

    Went to a Ferrari show recently. They do it every year and all the proceeds go to a childrens hospital I think. On the way there they give a ride to a kid from the hospital to the car show. It's nice. Didn't take a picture of every car but I got all the intresting ones. I have these in super...
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    Finally lowered my Infiniti.

    Not as low as I thought it was going to get but I am satisfied. I deffinatly need spacers. They are JIC Magic FLT-A2 coilovers. From this: To this:
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    Gumball 3000 'Coast to Coast' Should be hilarious.
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    My Mirage build thread.

    I will be posting alot of pics in here. This is what has been completed so far. Any questions just ask. I copied all of these from my posts on another forum.
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    Death sentance?

    I think so. :mad:
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    Buick car show at Parson's Buick, 8/25/07

    Had a car show at the dealership I work at today. Here are some pictures I took kinda organized but not really. They are all available in higher resolution if you want. Hope you enjoy them. V12 Lincoln Zeypher I'm pretty sure this is...
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    My new daily driver

    Just picked it up. 99' infiniti Q45t. Black on black. Kind of a wierd car for a 20 year old to have, but I love it. It's going to be a huge change from my 88' Volvo 740 GLE Wagon. New pics! Just finished washing it. PT Cruiser is not ours! It's a rental for our guest. You can also see a...
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    Another one bites the dust EDIT: Autoblog has a correction to the story
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    Royal Lounge Alphard

    Too bad Clarkson did'nt do anything like this. This is pure class.
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    BMW's most amazing secret. The car they SHOULD have made.

    I really with they had made this. One of the best looking BMW's ever made.