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  1. A7XFan22

    2012 Motorsport Calenders

    Just like the title says. Whenever a new calender is announced, post it here. Formula 1 has just finalized its calender. Australian Grand Prix Australian GP Albert Park, Melbourne 18 March Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Malaysian GP Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur 25 March...
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    Not sure what's going on with my computer. Help?

    Basically, anything that has to do with Apple on my computer is not working properly. It takes about 20 minutes to open iTunes and I can't sync up my iPod. And I can't uninstall it because whenever I try to, it says something is trying to be installed and I can't uninstall iTunes because of...
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    Codemasters' F1 2011

  4. A7XFan22

    Are you a college student in the Washington, D.C. area? Bugatti wants you!
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    Motorsports-related research paper for school

    Hello all, I ask for your assistance due to my laziness. :P I'm doing a school paper on how motorsport affects the auto industry. I'm going to cover these 6 topics in it. 1. Tech innovation 2. Aerodynamics and engineering 3. Aesthetics (ex. why are Ferraris associated with red?) 4. Sales of...
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    Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

    Very interesting game. I played the demo of it and really enjoyed it. It's a bit linear but I really didn't mind it.
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    Funny News Articles

    Something I came across today when I checked my e-mail.
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    You know you watch too much motorsport when...

    Every time you hear a girl talking about a spa, you can't help but think "She went to Belgium?"
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    DiRT 3

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    X Games 16 Motorsport Thread

    Discuss rally and super-cross events from this year's summer X-Games! Anyone know where I can find an entry list for the rally events?
  11. A7XFan22

    The General Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Rock Revolution etc. Music Game Thread

    Discuss music games and related things here. Just found out that Rush's "2112" will be on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.
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    Lap Times and MS Excel 2007

    Is there any sort of formula for Excel to subtract two lap times? I'm trying to find time differences for something I'm working on. Ex: 1:43.245 for pole and 1:44.827 for 2nd. Is there anything I can use in Excel 2007 for it automatically subtract the 2nd place time from the pole time or do I...
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    2010 Formula 1 Half Distance Poll

    So we're already halfway through the 2010 Formula 1 season and it feels like only yesterday we were in Bahrain! Here's a brief run-down of both championships. Drivers: 1. Lewis Hamilton 145 2. Jenson Button 133 3. Mark Webber 128 4. Sebastian Vettel 121 5. Fernando Alonso 98 6. Nico Rosberg 90...
  14. A7XFan22

    Rumour Mill: Pagani planning lightweight V8 supercar for 2015

    Sauce Looks like Pagani are going to try to compete with the 458/Gallardo/MP4-12C market.