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  1. chvvkumar

    My mother has cancer

    She will have nausea, just make sure she is hydrated and eats or drinks energy giving foods. One of the side effects of chemo is that it kills appetite. Along with nausea and increased trips to the loo, this lack of appetite drains the energy stores link nothing. My mom did not eat a single good...
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    The Android thread

    Try this:
  3. chvvkumar

    My mother has cancer

    That American Girl, I know exactly what you are going through. I just finished my Masters and was searching for a job. I was living in Fremont then (last August). I can clearly remember the day I got the call from my sister in India. My mom had a couple of dark spots on her abdomen and they...
  4. chvvkumar

    L.A. traffic cameras may get the red light,0,6393615.story YAY! You go LA :mrgreen:
  5. chvvkumar

    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    Yup, he is from psycho.
  6. chvvkumar

    YES! Endeavour is coming to LA!

    And not to forget JPL and caltech and tourists. That is some serious qualities and qualifications for the shuttle to be in LA (or CA)
  7. chvvkumar

    YES! Endeavour is coming to LA!

    NYC over Houston? WTF?
  8. chvvkumar

    Time for a new DD for the wife...

    The title is misleading...just sayin'
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    My Daughter. A bit of a fan. [Stolen content]

    Are you Sharp1e?
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    Android users: show your homescreens!

    From left to right and top to bottom: Uptime widget Temp+CPU Currentwidget Gauge battery meter Battery uptime the switcher widget above the folders is dazzle Hope that helps... EDIT: The one to tho bottom right corner is Tesla LED and the launcher is Zeam Launcher Use root checker to...
  11. chvvkumar

    The Android thread

    Me on CMYLXGOs.Stock.Desire.HD.v2.0.4n.NAND. on my HD2. I find this is the only non-sense (no pun intended) build that works with my college's PEAP network.
  12. chvvkumar

    The Android thread

    If you guys are rocking a 4.3" (or a 4" even) screen, try the LCD density changer. It changes the pixel density of the display elements and makes your screen look like it is of a higher density. Trust me, it looks awesome on my 4.3" HD2. This is a free app (root needed) to test if you like the...
  13. chvvkumar

    Buying a laptop for college. Recommendations are lovely.

    I would suggest you get a Dell from the Dell outlet store. You will save mony that way that you could use for peripherals like a wacom.
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    Awesome Thread

  15. chvvkumar

    A Random Corolla...

    a random corolla, adam corolla?
  16. chvvkumar

    What got you into "photography"?

    It might sound cheesy but here is my story, It started with my granma passing away. I was around 16 and my family did not have any sort of camera (film or digital) though we had our pics taken in a studio and on other ocassions such as family gatherings and at marriages. We only had old...
  17. chvvkumar

    Best Android apps

    I used all the browsers from stock to firefox mobile to miren (MIUI) to dolphin hd. The best I think for me is Dolphin mini. It is light weight (so startup is fast) and is not bloated (like the Dolphin HD)
  18. chvvkumar

    The Android thread

    Nope, Thats a Dell
  19. chvvkumar

    The Android thread

    Muhaha me dualbooting Gingerbread with WP7 on my HD2!!!!!