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  1. pfrocker

    2012 Car Launches and Testing Thread

    New Exhaust and rear end of Sauber:
  2. pfrocker

    F1 Modeling

    That looks great sik pony, is the 1/24 scale? Is this the one you got:
  3. pfrocker

    Community (TV Show)

    Community is streets ahead, love the first 2 episodes. The 2001 scene was just awesome!
  4. pfrocker

    The F1 Image Caption Thread

    I was actually write, "I've got nothing now, but maybe later." Then thought about it, that can be the actual caption.
  5. pfrocker

    Ford Crown Victoria 1979-2011

    RIP Vicky, you will be missed.
  6. pfrocker

    2011 Formula 1 Santader Italian Grand Prix

    All you need to know from the first corner crash.
  7. pfrocker

    Cadillac takes a shot at Ferrari in new ad

    What if I told you GM, I don't fucking care! I hate you GM.
  8. pfrocker

    R.I.P. Lieutenant47 aka James Stouffer

    R.I.P Sir.
  9. pfrocker

    [17x06] July 31st, 2011

    Lambo bit was great, wish they had some battle with another super car. Got choked up during the soldier segment, very moving. Best of luck to the boys making it to Dakar.
  10. pfrocker

    Breaking Bad

    Heavenly! So glad it's back.
  11. pfrocker

    Random F1 videos

    One of the most intense qualifying sessions ever.
  12. pfrocker

    2011 24 Heures du Mans - 79th Grand Prix d'Endurance, June 11-12 - Race Week Thread

    Holy Crap the Aston Martins are slow, I knew they were slower than the Diesel but 9 seconds? Some LMP2 car are even faster than that. Well see what happen the next 2 qualifying sessions.
  13. pfrocker

    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Just as I saw write that, found out that Bernie will cancel the race without the support of the teams:
  14. pfrocker

    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Haha that may be an actual picture.
  15. pfrocker

    Random F1 videos

    It transmits the more of the car's data and more accurately to the engineer's computers.
  16. pfrocker

    Why are F1 cars open wheel?

    How would that help if the car is on the roof? Plus if a driver is injured (maybe a broken bone), the last thing he wants is to do is to be ejected from his seat since the any kind of excessive force can further injure the driver. Also an ejector seats system would add weight to the car, which...
  17. pfrocker

    James May's Man Lab

    Oh May you are my hero!
  18. pfrocker

    Flying Lizards unveil Troy Lee liveried art cars

    Awesome, any high res photos?
  19. pfrocker

    Random Thoughts... (Motorsports Edition)

    Gutted for J.R., it weird seeing a guy you went to high school with lose something that big.
  20. pfrocker

    2011 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

    Best part about the swimming pool bit when EJ falls DC said, "Well the hair looks good, it's staying on!" followed by Brundle laughing in the background. :lol: