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  1. chvvkumar

    L.A. traffic cameras may get the red light,0,6393615.story YAY! You go LA :mrgreen:
  2. chvvkumar

    YES! Endeavour is coming to LA!

    NYC over Houston? WTF?
  3. chvvkumar


    While watching the latest TG:USA, while they were in the UK for the Morgan bit, how would it be if TG:US and TG:TOS got together for a few beers and a wild drunken night later, popped out a crossover show? What do you think? :P
  4. chvvkumar

    American civil rights movement and California

    Hey guys! I was reading about the civil rights movement on this excellent site ( and I am fascinated and want to learn more about it. As I am not originally from the United States, I only know vague details about the movement that I stumbled upon during...
  5. chvvkumar

    Does any one smoke here?

    Do you? If so which brand(s)? :D
  6. chvvkumar

    Browser showoff

    I hate the default Firefox theme, it wastes a huge amount of screen space. So this is my current setup: The original setup: My customized setup: Here is the toolbar before and after: The extensions used: The theme is Foxdie: Please post your...
  7. chvvkumar

    [Autoblog] Schumacher to return to F1 - in a Mercedes? Well, it it is true, next F1 season should be one hell of an year!
  8. chvvkumar

    I say, we should Ban DMHO

    Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO): More info on So, should the government ban it? Lets see how many fall for it!
  9. chvvkumar

    Altec Lansing UHP336 Vs. RE2

    I know Head-Fi is a better place for this sort of question but I am pretty sure that if I post this question there, at the end of the thread, I would still be left undecided. So according to you guys which one is a better option for ~35USD? The RE2 has really good detail but weak bass and the...
  10. chvvkumar

    Why We Need to Reach the Stars (and We Will)

    Gizmodo got a really good article! For once I have read something on there that truly made me think :) I am quoting the starting 2-3 paragraphs here read the rest on the site...
  11. chvvkumar

    Which channel to use?

    This is my wireless site survey for my apartment. As you can see, there are a truck load of networks in my neighborhood. Presently my network is as follows SSID: Racha Room Router: WRT54GL F/W: DD-WRT V.24 as a repeater for another network (SSID: belkin54g) Now, as you can see from the image...
  12. chvvkumar

    The Car sightings thread

    Hello! Today, I came across this car near Van Nuys (Nordhoff Street) near LA. Can anyone ID the car please? I was in a bus and I did not have time to take the camera out and grab a pic:rolleyes: What car is this? I thought it was a Tesla as I saw one just a couple of days ago at the same...
  13. chvvkumar

    Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Series suggestions

    Hi! I need some Sci-fi.fantasy TV suggestions. These are some of what I have seen: BSG, Stargate (both SG-1 and Atlantis), Babylon 5, Firefly, Doctor Who, Pushing Daisies, Kyle XY, Farscape, Heroes, Sanctuary, Quantum Leap, Andromeda, Life on Mars (UK) EDIT: Merlin I might have...
  14. chvvkumar

    WDS Help on Tomato for WRT54GL

    Hi! I need a little guidance. I have my current network setup as follows: Internet----Dlink WBR-1310 Now, I want to extend the wireless coverage to the whole house and I have a Tomatoed WRT54GL. Now, the linksys supports WDS which the dlink doesn't. Is there any way to use the linksys as a...
  15. chvvkumar

    A podcast to make you think...

    I was browsing trough the iTunes podcast directory when I came across this podcast. It is called the "Common Sense with Dan Carlin" series and the podcast primarily deals with current politics. Though I am not a political guy, this podcast really made me think. I am quoting a summary of the...
  16. chvvkumar

    Wow! Bill Gates is a criminal!

    See for yourself! :P Paris Hilton: Bill Gates: One more reason to not give out even our names on the ineterwebtubes :lol:
  17. chvvkumar

    Supposed GT-R Lap time

    Well, some one who has been to the filming has leaked the GT-R Track time:| and it is :woot:
  18. chvvkumar

    Richard Hammond's Book in this month's RD

    Just picked up this month's Reader's Digest and what do I see? Its Richard Hammond's book in the 'book bonus' section. Haven't had the chance to read it but did any of you read that? How was it? PS: Should I post the scans here?
  19. chvvkumar

    Highway murder attempt caught on camera!

    Two officials remooving encroachments were mooved down by a car suspected to be be driven by the son of the encroacher. Shocking! :| EDIT: Here is the yahoo news story...
  20. chvvkumar

    Why the 'the'?

    I have a question. Do you put 'The" in front of evry country name or only for things such as 'in the United States' but not 'in the America', similarly 'in the UK' but not 'in the England', 'at the United Nations and not simply 'at UN'? Is there any gramatical reason? Thanks in advance for...