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  1. Vislami

    McLaren has announced a successor to the MP4-12C

    Nothing bigger details yet, just the announcement! Couple of Youtube links at the Worldcarfans
  2. Vislami

    Lamborghini's new V12 engine

    So new the Murcielago is dead and with it the old 6.2 V12 is gone also. Lamborghini has developed a completely new engine. And here is a Youtube video about it : Read more...
  3. Vislami

    Thoughts about series getting shorter and shorter

    I actually hate this A LOT. Hopefully they will get back to the "about 10 ep." seasons.. And yes I know this has been done already, but simply just want to get back to this.
  4. Vislami

    Concept: New Roadster designed by Pininfarina Honestly think they should get better alloys than those "8C" ones.. But still, DO WANT
  5. Vislami

    Hessmo is down... AGAIN

    BBC has complained something and they have decided to put down... Sad thing but no can do.
  6. Vislami

    Clarkson: The starting song at Jeremy's car films

    I'm wondering what that song is, would like it to my phone :cool:
  7. Vislami

    The news 12x04

    I was disappointed that they did the same part as in episode 12x04, the Peugeot Partner TP or something like that, was brought out in news 12x02 in the video they putted in the and they did it again in 12x04, I'm really disappointed of that they have to reuse very bad jokes and do it...