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  1. PacketCollision

    How playable will this be as a casual/occasional player?

    I have very little time to play (maybe an hour or two a week most weeks and 6-8 contiguous hours every two/three months), but I'm totally intrigued by the game. Would it be crazy to try to play that amount? Does it have a monthly fee? I haven't been having much success getting real information...
  2. PacketCollision

    FinalCraft Server Creeper Explosion Damage?

    How do people feel about Creeper explosions? I just disabled them out of habit, but perhaps it's better to force people to take them into account when building. I'll be democratic about it, so get out and vote :P
  3. PacketCollision

    FinalCraft Server Plot/Anti-Griefing options

    Ice and I were talking about what level of anti-grief protection to have on the server, and there are basically four options. I'll implement whatever option people vote for: The Way It Is - keep the land claims system. Anyone can build in an unclaimed area, and if you want to build in someone...
  4. PacketCollision

    FinalCraft Server Status

    I've thrown in the towel. Please play on LoOsE_uNiT's FTB MindCrack server ( or, if you don't like mods, his vanilla server (
  5. PacketCollision

    FG Minecraft Server resurrection

    Our official minecraft server has fallen into complete disrepair, but I have some interest in reviving it. There are a few different possibilities, which one seems best? 1) Vanilla: We could always be on the latest version of Minecraft (or at least within a few days of an update), it would be...
  6. PacketCollision

    Looking for mobile broadband (USA)

    My Toughbook has an integrated mobile broadband card (Sprint only unfortunately, but I'll probably just replace it with a GOBI global card that works on any provider), and I'm interested in having that sort of access. Can anyone recommend (or tell me to avoid) a particular provider? I'd be...
  7. PacketCollision

    Old FinalCraft Server Info

    This info is for an old server, and is here only for historical purposes: Well, it's happened again; I've decided that things weren't _quite_ right and have restructured the minecraft server completely. I hope you like it! Basic Info Address: Game version: 1.2.3 with...
  8. PacketCollision

    Opinions about new minecart boosters

    Minecraft 1.5 introduces booster rails for minecarts. Since we already use Minecart Mania, which not only allows for boosters but also many other enhancements to minecart, I am reluctant to just switch outright to the native boosters, because a) the boosters require redstone power or they cause...
  9. PacketCollision

    Really Old Server status thread

    I've moved us to a new server setup, and am creating a new thread for it. The one is being kept for posterity. Hello, PacketCollision here, your friendly server admin, taking a minute away from punching blocks to update you on the server. From now on, consider this the official place...
  10. PacketCollision

    Need a new monitor

    My 7-year-old Samsung SyncMaster 213T (21", 1600x1200) monitor's backlight is finally dying, so it's time to look at replacements. I basically want a 21-24" monitor that is 1920 by either 1080 or 1200 (fuck 1080p for causing the resolution on most big monitors to be lowered), and has good...
  11. PacketCollision

    Sparkfun free day Jan 7

    I don't know how many of you are into building electronics, but in case you are, and don't already know about Sparkfun's free day tomorrow, I figured I'd spread the word. Starting at 8AM Pacific, each person will be able to make 1 $100 free order at sparkfun, until they give away $100,000. I...
  12. PacketCollision

    No firewall or antivirus, why haven't I had problems?

    I run Linux about 95% of the time now, so this is a bit of a moot point, but I was inspired by NooDle's post about the three antivirus/spyware cleanup programs he runs weekly to ask something that has nagged at me for years: I haven't run Antivirus software on my Windows install since I moved...
  13. PacketCollision

    Smartphone recommendations?

    My T-mobile contract is going to expire in a month or two, and I've been itching to upgrade from my BlacBerry Pearl for a while now. I'm looking for something with 3G, a full QWERTY hardware keyboard, email and a good web browser (can render complex pages correctly). I mostly check/write...