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    Love the Beast - Eric Bana

    Has anyone heard anything about this?
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    Halo 3-Who wants to play today/tonight/this weekend???

    See thread title.
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    "Men Are Better Than Women" lolll Pretty funny vid. Lady at the end gets ownd.
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    Video Converting for XBox 360...?

    I've been doing a little searching on the subject, as well as chatting with Ice and geeman on the IRC, and haven't come to a firm conclusion yet. I play video from a flash drive on my 360, and I'd like to be able to watch some of my .mkv files, so I obviously have to convert. The files are HD...
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    Funny Craigslist Ads

    Post the funny Craigslist ads you come across. Hopefully we can get a nice compilation.
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    Epson Printers and their Customer Service (they both fail)

    Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the Technology forum, but after telling a couple fellow FinalGear members this story, it was recommended to post it up. When I bought my D80 I also got a Epson photo printer. Tonight I decided to set it up...thinking installation would, of course...
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    Beautiful Jetstream Blue C6 Z06

    Edit: High res pics on page 2, post 28 This was posted on another forum, and I thought I'd share... Wheel info is as follows: 360 Forged Spec Multi 3 piece forged wheels 20x9.5 front 20x12.5 rear PPG color matched painted lips with powder coat clear 2.5" front lip / 3.5" rear lip Matte...
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    Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

    Anyone else been watching? I'm pretty sure Ron Pratt is my hero.
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    Will I see speed increase from upgraded DSL wiring?

    AT&T is upgrading the wiring/boxes/whatever at the entrance of my neighborhood for higher-speed internet. Will I instantly see an increase in my home? Is it a big bottleneck there or will the rest of the wiring into my home, etc need upgrading as well? I know the more people using the...
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    Spoilers: Dexter on Showtime

    Didn't find a thread on this show, so I thought I'd make one to see if anyone else in this community watches it...? I've just fairly recently started watching, and now I'm caught up to date. I'd highly recommend the show, and from what I've gathered it's a very popular, award winning show...
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    Camera Accessories...?

    Finally going to pick up my first DSLR (D80) and I'd like your input on accessories to get with it. I did a quick search, didn't come up with much. This forum's experience would help me out a lot, so I'd appreciate any help/advice you have to give. First, I'm going to buy the obvious...
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    My Photos Featured in Euro Tuning Worldly...

    Anyone in here read Euro Tuning Worldly?? I snapped some pics of my buddy's RB26DETT swapped s14 for a feature in their magazine. I still haven't seen them in the mag, and we're waiting on an e-mail from the publisher for scans of it. They are in the September if anyone has this...
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    Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in the World (Not 56K Friendly)

    A friend of mine showed me this today, thought I'd share...
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    Playing DVDs in different geographic regions???

    My parents picked up a Top Gear collection DVD box set while they were in London, and I can't watch it here in the states due to the geographic region code, or whatever. Is there anything I can do to watch em?
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    Books written by JC, RH, and JM

    I'm looking to purchase a book written by each of the co-presenters, and I know they've all written a few, so what do you guys recommend? I'm going to start with one book from each of them. I'll be buying Hammond's On The Edge, but not sure which one I should buy of May's, and Clarkson has so...
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    Halo 3 First to Own via Pontiac giveaway

    I posted about it in another Halo thread and got a few PMs, so I figured I'd post up some pics. Both my brother and I won a copy from Pontiac's Halo 3 giveaway. It is my understanding they did this 4 nights, 250 people winning world wide each night. To win you had to complete a puzzle to...
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    HDR Imaging

    Does anyone on here do High Dynamic Range imaging? If so I'd love to see some pics, can't get enough. I've been reading up on it and the best source I've found is wikipedia and links from there. If anyone has any other links, post em up. Here is a link for anyone who doesn't know what it...
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    Site to upload 138mb mp3???

    Anyone know of a site that will allow me to upload an mp3 that large? I thought I found one yesterday, but the upload was taking all day (I'm sure it takes forever, but I think it froze, and couldn't tell because it didn't tell how far along the upload was.) Is there a site that shows the...
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    Burning a DVD in HD...

    Is there anything special I need to do within Roxio to ensure it plays on my DVD player in HD, or will the file in HD quality automatically play in HD? I've never burned a DVD in Roxio before, so if you get technical I may not know what you're talking about (features, etc) Thanks in advance guys.
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    New Hobby...Photography.

    Like the title states, I'm starting to get more interested in photography. I haven't done anything too serious yet, just taking shots of my car/bike, and the cars/bikes of my buddies. Right now I'm using an extra n00b point-and-shoot, and I'd like some opinions on which camera I should pick up...