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  1. SiR_dude

    Anti Virus software for network

    Hey dudes Anybody out there have a recommendation for anti virus software? I've convinced my boss we need to ditch our archaic Symantec - I'm currently testing the new AVG 8 - but I am so far very unimpressed with its massive scan times and the fact that it takes FOREVER for my laptop to boot...
  2. SiR_dude

    Internet access restriction

    Hey all need some advice - I have a computer at work that I want to limit internet access to only a few specific sites, and nothing else (think slacker employee that likes to play online games and surf all day). What are my options, on a budget of nothing? I'm running Win Server 2k3, if...
  3. SiR_dude

    Stealth Bomber Crashes

    :cry: $1.2 Billion up in flames....
  4. SiR_dude

    need some ideas

    Have an old Dell GX1 server at work that I turned on for fun the other day. Booted up to FreeBSD - yay, I know nothing about any of the Linux/Unix OS's. I need some ideas what I can do for fun with the old girl - sort of a project. Any takers?
  5. SiR_dude

    Merging partitions..when one is a system partition

    As the title says...server at work - whatever dumbass set it up made the system partition a 10GB partition, and a 24GB data partition. Data partition, E:, is now mostly empty, but has some critical shared folders and programs installed on it, and C:, the system partition, has about 100MB free...
  6. SiR_dude

    Woman tries to buy rich husband on Craigslist

    Link to story: Anyone got the original posting? :lol:
  7. SiR_dude

    Domain user, local admin rights

    This is a fairly common question - however, my question is, if I make a domain user a member of the local machine's "Administrators" group, do I open up any holes that the user can exploit as far as messing with other computers or servers on the network?
  8. SiR_dude

    MS Exchange

    Anybody familiar with Microsoft Exchange? Having difficulty getting mail into user's mailboxes - throwing a NDR of 5.0.0. I'm running Server 2003 (not SBS) and am trying a POP3 connector to fetch mail from the ISP. It transfers to Exchange OK, but it won't go to the user's mailboxes. No idea if...
  9. SiR_dude

    Stupid XP/SATA/137GB problem

    So I finally build my first PC :blink: and I opt for a Western Digital 250G SATA hard drive. First time around - it only shows 131 GB when I go to format it! WTF? So I install Windows XP, do some research, and find out that I need some drivers, maybe a bios update, blah blah blah. I downloaded...
  10. SiR_dude

    Ep Release Sizes

    Since it's coming back up again and no one has started the thread yet, here it is. The issue is this: how big should the released eps be? -350MB is what we use, and IMO, is quite acceptable. It's not too long to download, and for most users, is fine. With 350MB, you can fit 2 eps on a DVD, but...
  11. SiR_dude

    Anyone feeling hungry?

    World's biggest hamburger - This is a long link
  12. SiR_dude

    Viper...know this guy??

    Someone won't be getting insured for a while... Check it's in Portland, Oregon :shock:
  13. SiR_dude


    I'm curious as to what the outcome of this will be. This was discussed briefly in another thread, but the question I'm asking is "Are signatures necessary?" I used to be a staunch defender of sigs, but I now prefer avatars as a personal statement. I find sigs are often too large, and some...
  14. SiR_dude

    Virus problem

    OK, my mom had a prob on my comp today...she was checking her email (she gets loads of spam...) and she was about to delete yet another porn message when all of a sudden her inbox disappeared....all the messages gone. She tried to find them but couldn't. I've noticed that all of a sudden I have...
  15. SiR_dude

    Cannonbal run....

    is coming to Ontario!!?? That's what I heard on the radio this morning, on the way to work. Anyone else know more??
  16. SiR_dude

    Do any of you guys....

    ....invest money? Like as in stocks? If so, what do you use to pick your stocks? Any advice? I'd like to make some extra $$$ by investing some's easy enough to do online through the bank, but I'm quite a newb when it comes to public stocks...anyone?
  17. SiR_dude

    Car name jokes

    You all know the "FORD = Found On Road Dead" one, well, here's a list I found for a bunch of cars/carmakers. Enjoy: P.S. - These in no way represent my personal opinion (well, some of them do :mrgreen:) so don't yell at me if your favourite or personal car is mocked :P :P . ACURA: Another...
  18. SiR_dude

    Coupla' panoramas

    Here's a couple of panoramic pics I took. Comments welcome.
  19. SiR_dude

    Concepts that should have been

    I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I've seen plenty of concepts that I would have loved to see go into production. Post pics of your faves in here. Here's some of mine: BMW / Italdesign Nazca C2: Lamborghini / Italdesign Cala: Jaguar XK180:
  20. SiR_dude

    Ballistic Missile Shield

    OK, our big boy PM is gonna make a decision soon......what do ya think? Yay or nay? Let's get another heated political discusison going here :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: