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  1. klutch

    Looking for a car in the $10k range, need help...

    Hey guys So I need another daily driver. Trying to whittle down my options here. I've already got a truck for work duty, and motorbikes for pure fun. I'm looking for something somewhat interesting/stylish/reliable to drive, and something with respectable fuel economy. I'm looking for something...
  2. klutch

    Audi 1.8T reliability?

    Alright, looking for another car. With 2 other vehicles on the go, I'm looking in the $8-14k range, and I've narrowed it down to about 11 choices, in proper enthusiast fashion, and a couple of them are from our friends in Ingolstadt. The 02-04 A4 with the 1.8t is pretty common around here, and I...
  3. klutch

    Dell boxes and 'aftermarket' video cards?

    My spermkilling laptop died on me last week, a relatively decent Dell 1420. Something with the videocard or some shit. Ironically enough, the second time this has happened to me with Dell laptops, and only a month out of the warranty. Shitty Nvidia cards always crap out on me. Anyway, I've sort...
  4. klutch


    Post some fucking chairs!
  5. klutch

    Razor burn on my ass...

    Alright, so a week ago, I was doing my usual shaving routine in the shower, got my chest, abs and balls done in advance of having a girl over. I don't usually have any issues in this sense; the only irritation I've had is right at the lower waistline where my boxer elastic rubs against the...
  6. klutch

    University: Comparison of 'marks' between UK and US/Canadian schools

    Alright, so I went to the University of Birmingham for a semester, back in 2006, through an exchange program at my university here in Vancouver. I know I 'passed' the three classes/modules or whatever the hell you Brits call them. But until now, I never knew my marks. I'm applying to law here in...
  7. klutch

    Laser hair removal?

    Alright, the other thread now has me many of you have had laser hair removal performed? Post up your experience; where (body hair), cost, effectiveness, repeat followups required, skin/hair color, etc. as I was looking into it and am now even more curious...
  8. klutch

    Alright, done what do I do with a B.A.? Post up your plans.

    Seriously. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided on a bachelor of arts. Most useless degree ever. The job market sucks right now too. I'm seriously applying to be a cop, but that's a long process and one wrought with failure for many, so its not something I'm going to wait around for...
  9. klutch

    Early 90's VW reliability?

    I'm looking at getting my girlfriend another car to commute with, something just for the winter. I'm looking at the early 90's Golf/Jetta/Passats, and just wondering about reliability issues. I know the diesels ran forever, but there's not too many around for sale. I know the quality of the late...
  10. klutch

    Chrysler shutting down all plants as of Friday

    "For a month."
  11. klutch

    Subaru, Suzuki out of WRC, Honda out of F1, Audi, Porsche out of ALMS

    Etc, etc. Seems like motorsports are suffering the wrath of the economic climate. Discuss.
  12. klutch

    The future of GM

    Alright, so lets suppose congressional approval for the bailout of GM falls through. GM files for Chapter 11. Then what?
  13. klutch

    That crazy site with the funny, photoshopped tapestries?

    I can't find it. Help. Like these:
  14. klutch

    San Fran members, need advice...

    I'm leaving on a bike trip with a friend in 5 minutes from here in Vancouver, figured I should ask here as I'll be checking my email on the way... What are the good sights to see in/around San Fran? I'll be there Sunday/Monday/Tuesday, so I don't have a lot of time to waste with the nonesense...
  15. klutch

    Audi Q5 to be made in....China???

    From Autoblog: Lame vehicle. Even lamer that its built in China...for the US market. Screw you, Audi, now you're on the blacklist with Chrysler.
  16. klutch

    How can I completely wipe my hard drive?

    And I mean completely. I've done lots of the wipes using Windows OS cd's, which I suppose is simply formatting the drive, but I always end up with leftover indexes and 'ghost' files and folders from the previous install. With school done, its time for a fresh install of Vista; even though my...
  17. klutch

    How does the Nanny State...

    ...produce guys with balls the size of watermelons?
  18. klutch

    What the hell...

    ...Is with all the rickrolling going on? Was the site hacked?
  19. klutch

    Oh god, not another motorbike thread...

    I just find myself drawn to them. No other machine offers such a 'bang-for-buck' bargain as a motorbike. No stupid electronics to get in your way, no creature comforts like A/C, stereo's...or even seatbelts and a headrest. Just the visceral experience of sitting on top of an engine and hugging a...
  20. klutch

    Chinese-made Smart knockoff already being sold Stateside

    Source I know, the news is a few months old, but I haven't seen much mention of it. I can't believe Mercedes has let this slip through.