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  1. Roman

    I'm going back to Florida.

    I have a couple of weeks off and I'll be getting the h*** away from here for the duration. I'm single, have no kids and the shop where I work is closed for the Holidays so I don't have much say about being off this time off the year so on top of escaping winter I need to find something to do...
  2. Roman

    Who takes pics at the Dragon (US 129) ?

    So far I have found three: and Any others you know of ? Thanks. :)
  3. Roman

    Ok so I hadn't logged on in a while

    I just got this right under the top banner and when I did moments ago: :lol: Nice thought. Hi peeps. Did you really miss me ? :wave:
  4. Roman

    Roman's rides: turbo PT & '94 Miata.

    About time I got my own thread in this section. It'll give me a chance to show you my new toy. :) As of this spring, I now have two cars to have fun with. I still have the PT which is the year round daily driver. And since the PT is no handling king and doesn't have a sunroof, I got me a Miata...
  5. Roman

    3DMARK how does your computer score ?

    After installing my new GFX card I ran the test again and although my computer is far from being a gamer's system, it is performing much better than it did before. :) Lots better than the 67 I got the last time I ran the test ! :lol: Hey I could see more than still pictures this time ! So...
  6. Roman

    GREAT ! It's Sunday and time to watch some ...

    Oh wait ! No Top Gear today ? :blink: Whatdayamean the season is done ? ... :cry: Can't wait 'til it starts again. *Looks up the schedule of BBC Canada for mishmash reruns and pulls up the TopGear folder on the computer for full, alas already seen, episodes.*
  7. Roman

    Lagging 720p videos while using computer / what needs upgrading ?

    So as the title says... When I put out a 720p resolution video on the HDTV it plays fine ...if I leave the computer alone. If I start using the computer for something else at the same time, video lags. :( The more I use the computer, the worst it gets. :cry: Computer isn't new at all but...
  8. Roman

    Anyone got a high res of this screenshot please ?

    From [08X02] at the end of the Z06 test. Thanks.
  9. Roman

    Canadians: Class action suit agains UPS' brokerage fees :censored: UPS and their highway robbery fees for brokerage ! Time for some payback. :evil:
  10. Roman

    Yesterday's parachute event. [ 56K rides the bus ]

    Since I just got a new camera, might as well use it ! Beauty and the beast ... Oh and my friend Peter is too sitting on the beast. ;) Muhahaha ! ! He didn't get hurt and many more people took a dive in the soft snow. That one with the dragging feet in the snow on...
  11. Roman

    Request: SRT-4 in PT Cruiser's clothing cartoon.

    Ok here is the deal: Some of you know my Cruiser is a GT which means it is powered by the same 2.4l turbo as the SRT-4. With some mods and slicks, I managed to put it in the 13s so it holds its own in a straight line. :mrgreen: I have an upcoming SRT-4 meet (in May so I have some time) that I...
  12. Roman

    WTB my first DVD player [little help]

    You guys are the broadest source of tech info on hand so I hope you can help me out. What I am looking for: I am looking at buying my first DVD player and I am unsure which one to get and at what price. Situation is like this: I was previously using my first generation PS2 as a DVD player for...
  13. Roman

    Taking a break...

    Hammond is hurt. (Get well soon Richard ) The BBC won't show Top Gear until he is well (maybe). Fifth Gear is on the way down. And this forum would rather protect an annoying n00b than keep its regulars happy. If you have no idea who I'm talking about, you're haven't been paying attention...
  14. Roman

    Wanna feel like a bird ?

    Google Video - RC plane with on board live feed camera to the pilot. :shock: Wow ! :thumbsup:
  15. Roman

    Should Aardvark be banned for good ?

    :mrgreen: After the "I am leaving" thread that wasn't, this is well deserved. Let's see the results !
  16. Roman

    I'm a guy ...

    Just stumbled across this ... :lol:
  17. Roman

    PerfectDisk - HD defrag software

    Who has tried it and what are your observations on it ? I tried it after it was recommended to me. Seems to me like the offline defrag really does the job. :think:
  18. Roman

    Dungeon & Dragon parody

    Farador :lol: Made locally. (with subtitles)
  19. Roman

    Linking a laptop, a PC and both having access to the web ?

    Here's the deal: Girlfriend has slow PC not on the web, wants to replace it by a laptop, wants to be able to access internet with it and my PC is connected to the web with a cable modem. I'm a n00b at networking (and most computer stuff anyway) so how do I do this :?: I will need to add a...
  20. Roman

    Hick pickup riders owned big time by Z4 driver. You just never know who you could be dealing with. :shifty: